The development of collaboration tools – A wholesale perspective

We consistently work with partners that gradually move from traditional physical pitch meetings to various collaboration tools. This is of course a part of adapting to the current situation. But many find themselves working three times as effectively. Their books are full, not to mention, more full that ever before. This is reason enough to never return. And even if physical meetings will never become completely outdated, it will most likely be seen as a mere luxury. In addition, traveling is becoming far more expensive, not only due to availability of flights coupled with prices that will boom as soon as these times have passed. But also due to it overall being costly and truly ineffective for companies.

They key to succeeding in a situation like the one before us primarily lies in effective collaboration. And collaboration is something we always seem to talk about, but it has never seen the need to be implemented at such big scales until now. The Corona situation will inevitably encourage users, suppliers, and developers to adapt and develop services and solutions that we’ve never seen before. In addition, it will also result in less consistent office spaces for small companies, and it might also become an enigma of the past. Because why should you worry about paying rent when all you really need is a conference room for half a day for that weekly meeting. In those cases it’s simply better to let everyone work from home.

But here it’s also important that you choose hosted platform for you company system and collaboration tool. Our policy consists of integrating with a range of big names such as Teams and Slack, coupled with offering our own products. This is a part of offering a holistic solution that contains alternatives to suit all types of businesses as well as changing needs. When choosing a tool, it’s easy for companies to paint themselves in a corner. But as a CPaaS supplier, our misson is actively work to provide a scalable solution with integrations that play well with each other – all in all to develop with partners, their customers, and both of their changing needs.

We see a powerful change in the current situation. The services and collaboration tools that previously we’re the talk of the town, may just not be as useful anymore Take Teams as an example. due to the increased demand customers have experienced issues with down time. But with our platform coupled with Teams, companies can continue to operate even if the Teams app was to go down. And when it comes to complex platforms like Teams, onboarding might become an issue when suddenly migrating the entire company. This coupled with choice of applications can really be a challenge to manage new processes. This is something companies just don’t really have the time for. We therefore see it as crucial to open up doors here to help companies find effective solutions and solutions that allow easy onboarding, and that work for them.

Change isn’t on it’s way – it’s here.