Dstny acts in response to the Corona virus (Covid-19) outbreak in Sweden

People have always come first for us at Dstny. In extreme situations like the current Coronavirus (Covid-19), it’s extra important that we help each other and have a higher tolerance for this situation in society. It’s important that we all take responsibility to decrease the risk of spreading the virus and follow society’s guidelines. We consistently follow the development and the public health authority’s directives.

Dstny has a contingency plan to be able to continue to run and deliver a high-quality service without restrictions. A service that possibly is more relevant and necessary than ever, in this current situation in our society.

Dstny has taken several measures where personnel partially or completely work outside of the office, and the company is prepared to run operations fully even if all coworkers are forced to work from home. All contact, internal as well as external, are conducted via phone calls, e-mail, chat, video and teleconference. We have redundancy on several functions such as delivery, drift and support where personnel can fill in several roles within the company during sick leave. Through our HR department there are several controls where we quickly catch onto signs of illness among coworkers and the company will in those cases take additional security measures, prioritize and run the operations in a meritorious way.

Today we have full capacity and run our operations as usual, and all ongoing projects continue according to predestined project plans.

We see no reason for our customers to feel unsafe with us delivering our services, and if you think that we can do more for you and your company’s situation, get in touch, we’re here to contribute!

Our routines can be subject to change depending on how the situation changes and according to recommendations from the public health authority. With eventual changes we will follow up with information.