Boost support productivity with data driven decisions

The support team and its performance are dependent of agents work rate in a time sensitive environment. This includes fast responses, customer engagement as well as availability. And in order to keep up momentum and strive to improve, it’s vital to measure performance in order to make data driven decisions in line with the support teams’ goals.  Now, this is where a wallboard proves useful. Displayed across one or multiple screens, wallboards can be used to visualize real-time calling statistics and other meaningful metrics to keep the support team on track with their goals and milestones. When used to measure the metrics most valuable for specific organizations, wallboards can truly bring a heap of benefits including;

  1. Boosted motivation – By conveying real-time data, you can help motivate team members to understand their progress and how they can reach their goals. It allows for understanding of current gaps and how they can improve. And it also helps visualize current strengths to stay motivated.
  2. Agile management – By being able to view key metrics like number of waiting calls, agents can act quickly and make data-driven decisions that will boost the team as a whole in order to reach current goals.
  3. Increased productivity – Not only does it boost the entire teams’ performance, but a wallboard allows agents to take ownership of their own performance. Everyone is a part in boosting overall numbers which will result in a self-sufficient and productivity positive work environment.
  4. Customer satisfaction – And lastly, with the benefits above of course comes improved customer satisfaction. Because a productive and self-aware support team usually always results in happier customers.

The do’s

This of course varies between organization, but a tip is to carefully think about what you’re trying to incentivize. It should integrate factual real-time indicators that correlate with overall goals. So, let’s say you want to focus on customer engagement, then metrics such as average call times would be a relevant number to show. Or maybe you want to display waiting calls and longest wait times to boost your overall response times and availability. It all really comes down to your business goals and how you want your team to take action. The important thing here is to choose metrics relevant to you and a good way to start is by answering the following questions and then try to narrow it down to a few metrics.

  • What is the goal for our support team?
  • What is a milestone you would like to reach this year?
  • Where do we need to improve?
  • What do we do best?

The don’ts 

 So, now that you’ve answered the questions, maybe you ended up with a ton of answers that need to be addresses. It all sounds great, but it’s actually important here for one to only measure the metrics that are vital to your organization and goals. But secondly, you can’t focus on everything at the same time. So maybe try to choose a few areas of the answered questions you want to focus on at the moment. Once those numbers have increased, you can move on to the next set of metrics. Including all kinds of numbers can be counterintuitive and can end up confusing and flustering agents trying to make sense of it all. It can just be too much data to effectively comprehend. The key is to strike the right balance between relevant details and attention numbers that agents have the most control over.

Datadrivna beslut med Dstny Wallboard

Dstny Wallboard

At Dstny we offer an advanced cloud-based Wallboard that is fully integrated with our telephony system. With our Wallboard you will be able to view important information to make data driven decisions in real time. You can for example see how many agents are logged in, number of ongoing calls, number of missed calls, etc. You can also choose to include one or more response groups in the view. All in a user-friendly and intuitive interface. It’s super easy to set up with your preferred metrics through a few simple clicks. You simply select your response group to show, and then select what information to show. You can also choose to display the information in various forms, such as numbers, bar charts, pie charts of lists. It’s also accessible via a website and this allows for it to be displayed where preferred, such as with a projector, on your phone or on your computer.

We also offer a more advanced version of Wallboard called Wallboard Plus that includes automatic alarms that are sent out when service levels differ. You can choose for yourself if you want these notifications via SMS or email.

If you want to learn more about how a Wallboard can suit your business, feel free to contact us and one of our experienced advisors will gladly help you out!