iPhone 11 – is it worth buying?

Do you also feel that it is difficult to keep up with what’s hot and what’s not? The launches of new and cool technologies happens in a rapid pace and it takes both time and a lot of money to keep up with the development. And even though it has been some time since the iPhone 11 was released, Apple’s new phone is still a hot topic.

But what’s new with this version of the iPhone? How will it affect the ones using it? And maybe above all, is it worth buying? We intend to answer that, in this blog post.


3 different versions of iPhone 11

Apple chose to call the new version, quite simply, the iPhone 11 and have now stopped using the Roman numerals they used for the iPhone X. The iPhone 11 was in turn released in three different versions. The usual iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and last but definitely not least iPhone 11 Pro MAX. The difference between the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro MAX is that the MAX version has a larger screen and a larger battery. They have simply maxed out the pro version.

iphone 11 PRO max

New camera

We start with the most important thing first. One of the great things Apple has pushed when it comes to the iPhone 11 is the renewed camera. The regular iPhone 11 now has two cameras on the back.

The upper camera lens is a standard 12 MP wide-angle camera. The lower camera is instead a 12 MP Ultra wide camera and can get a 120 degree angle over your surroundings. This is 4 times as much as on previous iPhone cameras.

The iPhone 11 Pro/Pro Max has three cameras. The third camera is a Telephoto camera and specializes in taking sharp pictures of things that are far away. According to Apple the standard photos you take with your iPhone 11 will use both/all three cameras to create a neat end result.

In addition, all versions of iPhone 11 have a night-mode setting. This should help to ensure that images taken in dark environments do not become too dark or blurred.

Better battery

Something that many iPhone users classify as an important factor when buying a new phone is, of course, battery life. The battery in the iPhone 11 should have a better battery life than its predecessors. This is thanks to greater battery capacity and, according to Apple itself, their most efficient SoC ever. According to Apple that the iPhone 11 has about 1 hour longer battery life than its predecessor, the iPhone XR. Since many iPhone XR users have been happy with the battery life, this sounds very promising.

Many different colors

Another difference you can see on the outside is the choice of colors that the iPhone 11 has. Of course, the usual black and white versions remain. But you can also choose red, light purple, light yellow or mint green if you want to be a little wild and crazy.

The Pro versions is available in metallic colors. Gold, gray, silver and a new metallic green color.

iphone 11 color

The screen on iPhone 11

The ratio of the entire phone body to the screen is almost identical to the previous version. The regular iPhone 11 comes with an LDC-HD display and the Pro model comes with a Super Retina XDR OLED display. These OLED screens are said to be more battery-efficient, which is great if you care about a long battery life.

The iPhone 11 is more durable

Apple has also made the 11 more durable. Both the rear and front glass are reinforced to better withstand scratches. This version of the iPhone will also withstand water twice as good as its predecessor, up to 2 meters depth for up to 30 minutes. The Pro model is said to be twice as water-resistant and should be able to withstand up to 4 meters depth at the same duration. Note that this is a maximum and that we absolutely do not recommend you to go swimming with your phone. But now you can feel a little extra safe when you take out your phone on a rainy November day.


The iPhone 11 has an A13 bionic chip. A powerful chip that seems to be way ahead of its competitors. The chip is said to help with iPhone 11’s photo and video processes. According to Apple, the chip is 20% faster than its predecessor. Something that is great when you want to play games and AR (Augmented reality).

Apple has also launched a brand new chip, they call it U1. U1 should give iPhone 11 a spatial awareness that lets the phone understand its exact position. This means Apple will enable new exciting features, such as being able to share files with other iPhone users by pointing their phone at someone else’s. This feature may not sound like the world’s most exciting thing, but when third-party developers get a chance to use this technology to build apps, many exciting things will probably pop up. A bit like when Apple first released a compass in their iPhone.

Does not support 5G

Sadly, the iPhone 11 does not come with 5G support. However, you get support for Wi-Fi 6 with your new iPhone. This version also supports Dolby Atmos to get a better sound when using headphones. Plus, you get a quick charger of 18W, perfect if you want to give your battery a quick boost before heading out on the town. (Read our blog post about how fast charging works here).


So to sum up the new iPhone 11, Apple seems to have focused on the photo enthusiasts, influencers and all those who want to be able to post great photos on social media. Yes, the iPhone 11 has some cool new features. And if being able to take awesome pictures is important to you, this is a good option. If you use the phone just to browse, the price tag of about SEK 9200 for an iPhone 11 is a little unnecessarily expensive. If you do not have a great need for a new phone, then there are reasons to wait for future versions.

iPhone 12

Since this blog was published, Apple has released yet another phone, iPhone 12. This is Apple’s first phone with support for 5G. Want to read more about the iPhone 12? Then you can do that here: 

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