Our OPEN MIND:ER Johan Nyberg

Name: Johan Nyberg
Nickname: Nybbe
Department: Partner
Role: Partner Manager

4 quick questions

  1. Golf or football? Oh that’s tough, but due to lacking endurance and a nice sense for beer, I have to choose golf.
  2. Stockholm or Sölvesborg? Sölvesborg every day of the week! Also called Sweden’s Beverly Hills!
  3. Sister or twin? Haha to avoid one more in the couch at Dr.Phil I have to say both. 😉
  4. BLT or hamburger? BLT with extra mayo! 😉

The role and Soluno

  1. What do you do in your role? My daily tasks are many but my primary responsibility is to help and support our partners in business.
  2. What’s the difference between direct sales and partner sales? The biggest difference is that you work more as a team rather than just yourself and the customers.
  3. Why did you start working at Soluno? It was a Andreas Callmar that 6 years ago recommended the company and the rest is history!
  4. What’s the craziest thing you’ve experienced at work? Wow how much time do we have? We have a couple of trips together that were amazing… but we can talk about it over something good.
  5. What do you look forward to the most this summer? There’s no football EM so I have to say that becoming a dad takes the spot. 😉
  6. What motivates you at work? My work is a lot of fun, but we also have a great time together which makes the days fun.
  7. Favourite colleague? Andreas Callmar!
  8. Tips to Soluno newcomers? Be yourself, and the rest will solve itself!
By Sofia Svantesson
Brand Marketing Manager
Unified business communication and collaboration is key to streamline workflow.

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