Our OPEN MIND:ER Jonas Wallander

Vår OPEN MIND:ER Jonas Wallander

With an extensive background in Telecom and sales, Jonas Wallander today leads our sales department in Dstny. A segment in Sweden that focuses on sales of our products and services through our direct sales and partner channel. We’re incredibly strong in the partner market today and Jonas, together with our sales department, consistently work to improve and drive the collaboration further. Here you can read more about who Jonas Wallander is, what his workday looks like, and his view of our work with partners in Sweden.

Jonas Wallander
Nickname: Engan
Department: Sales
Role: Sales Manager

4 quick questions

  1. Handball or football? Handball
  2. Lunch box or lunch our? Lunch out
  3. Skara sommarland or Ölands zoo? Sommarland!
  4. Samsung or Apple? Apple

The role and Dstny

  1. What do you do in your role? I am the leader of our sales department in Sweden and my role consists of helping drive sales of our products & services through our direct sales and partner channel.
  2. What is your background in the telecom field?  I have worked in telecom since 2007 while working for Telia and Telavox in different sales roles. But I have mostly worked with partners and indirect sales. 
  3. What does your workday look like? No day is quite the same which I love about Telecom. But a typical work day for me starts with a cup of coffee around 7 where I read emails and plan the day. Then it’s full speed ahead with meetings together with partners, sales associates, suppliers and end customers til the end of the day. 
  4. Why did you start working at Dstny? I have always looked up to and been impressed by Dstny as a company and their journey of pushing and developing the market forward. I also really like the culture the company breathes where it’s possible to be a part of , influence and build something great together with others. 
  5. Dstny works a lot in partner operations in Sweden, what opportunities and difficulties are there in this segment? Dstny is strong in the partner market in Sweden. What we work with daily is how we can make it even easier and smoother to work with Dstny for our partners. Here we have come a long way, I think, but there are still things we can develop and lots of good things will happen in this area for our partners next year. We are seeing an increasing demand for our addon services from our customers, which is fun to see. Here I see a great opportunity together with our partners to help our customers take the next step in their customer journey with Dstny.
  6. What do you look forward to this winter? Handball EM and hopefully being able to soon play games again with my boys in Skara HK.
  7. What motivates you the most at work? Making others succeed.
  8. Who is your favourite colleague? I have many great colleagues! But if I have to choose one, it’s Johan Nyberg. There is probably no happier or nicer person on this earth. If I’m having a so-so day, you can always call Johan to cheer you up.

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