How different departments can use MS Teams

MS Teams has been the talk of the tech world as of lately, and it’s not suprising as it truly has the ability to cut across organizational boundries by bringing employees together boosting communication. You can pretty much do anything in Microsoft Teams, whether you’re holding a meeting, organizing your teams’ to-do’s, or with our integration – making it a fully fledged telephony system. Teams is also great in the fact that you can tailor it to meet different departments needs with suited integrations and apps. Your support team can integrate with popular help desk systems, and your finance department can build secure channels for their work, and your marketing team can easily work with external partners. So, in this post we’re taking a closer look at how different departemnts can benefit from the app.

MS Teams for the sales team

While Sales teams have different types of tasks that are typically hard to put under one roof. Teams can actually serve as an all in one hub for your sales team. Here they’re able to collaborate, report and plan all in one place to meet sales objectives. They can for example customize their channels specifically for sales by planning, scheduling their recurring business reports, share documents and proposals, and set up RSS feed for customer updates.

MS Teams for the sales team

MS Teams for the marketing team

As someone who works in marketing, I know how important it is to effectively collaborate with both internal and external partnes. Teams not only allows you to organize all your team and all its’ activities. But you can also invite external partners you may work with for different projects. For example, when working with third party collaborators, teams makes it easy to invite them to meetings, set up to-do’s and share files. As mentioned above, Teams is also customizable to meet different departments’ needs, and here with apps such as event planning or advertising. You can for example add; news alerts services, google analytics, create cloud, social media etc. You can also create and store your marketing assets here such as hefty design files.


MS Teams for the HR team

When opening for a new position, the countless amounts of resumes coming in can be difficult to organize and share among your HR colleagues. With teams, they can manage recruiting by sharing resumes and interview notes, all in order to keep track of candidates. Once a candidate is selected, they can also share new employee documents and set up a plan to onboard them as effectively as possible. But it doesn’t stop at hiring, with Teams the HR department can create a hub for the rest of the company. A hub where everyone can easily access company policies, fill in surveys, and attend training sessions though video conference.

HR teams

Teams for the support team

It comes as no surprise that Teams is great for support. This is mainly due to Its’ great library of integrations including Help desk solutions. For example, today it has support for Zendesk which we’re big fans of here at Soluno. This allows our support team to get notifications directly in Teams when new tickets or questions pop up. Thereafter your support team is easily able to plan, organize and communicate to effectively solve the ticket. In addition, with our integration, you’re able to get all the advanced PBX functionality your support teams would need directly in Teams. This allows it to become a truly powerful tool that meets all your support teams different needs.

Ssupport teams

Teams Telephony

Combine Microsoft Teams with our leading office phone system services. We offer full integration of our cloud PBX solution to Microsoft Teams, where you can choose from a wide variety of our services, ranging from regular response groups to more advanced features, such as button selection menus, operator functions, and more. It all contributes to a complete service that is purely cloud-based. With our integation, you can for example set up Caller ID, send texts, manage ACD grous, set up your voicemail and set your presence.

Here you can read more about Teams Telephony!

By Sofia Svantesson
Brand Marketing Manager
Unified business communication and collaboration is key to streamline workflow.

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