Taking omnichannel to the next level with CPaaS

While many blame technology for widening the generation gap, the same technology brings people together by creating an all new one: the omnichannel generation. This generation is highly motivated by swift and easy ways to stay in touch and it spans across all age groups. Today’s digital-native consumers expect no restrictions in any contact mediums and clearly vote for businesses that support an omnichannel approach. Communication is continuously evolving and businesses that only support voice and email capabilities just don’t make the cut. Customer experience has always been the top brand differentiator, and there is no exception for 2020. Adopting effective communication as part of strategy is a great way to enhance and ensure seamless customer engagement.

What is Omnichannel?

Omnichannel means that a customer will have an equally great experience no matter what platform they choose to contact a business from. The customer is the main focus and it’s important to meet them where they are. This can be done by implementing relevant channels that they use on a day-to-day basis to create a cohesive experience. Omnichannel contact centers have had a huge impact in B2C communication with WhatsApp and Facebook becoming common corporate communicating mediums. Adding an omnichannel approach has obvious benefits for meeting millennial consumer behaviours, but it doesn’t stop there. From corporations to all ages with a smartphone always at hand, they look for quick answers to simple problems. That’s why it’s crucial to focus on implementing an omnichannel customer experience.

Why is omnichannel important?

  1. Optimize channels – One of the main benefits with an omnichannel approach is that it offers customers an equally great and personalized experience. Customers can access products, services and support on-demand and all in the same place and from whatever connected unit they choose.
  2. Combine online and offline – In a bunch of retail stores or restaurants like Starbucks, you can use an app for assistance, support, coupons, payment etc. An omnichannel approach also allows agents to use their CRM systems on a computer or phone while speaking to a customer, whether it be on the phone, in person, through a chat to provide help.
  3. No channel left behind – Omnichannel uses every channel equally. A great example of this is Apple store that allows customers not only buy products, but also resolve issues, schedule meetings, etc.
  4. Meet a diverse audience needs – Implementing several channels allows you to reach out to different leads and customers who only interact on certain channels. You can combine that audience by allowing smooth transitions and integrations between talk, text, chat and email. This is crucial for support agents that need to resolve tickets without being limited to one channel.

CPaaS in an omnichannel approach

If customers are immediately met by a roadblock by having to exit an app to make a call or send an email, you’ve probably already lost their interest. This might also include having to input their information again from scratch. The ideal situation here would be to provide an in-app option to get in touch. Organizations that intend to reap the benefits of an omnichannel offer, without falling short of platform separation, can adopt a new approach. It’s called CPaaS (Communication platform as a service), and it’s designed to help unlock the true value of omnichannel.

After all, CPaaS was tailormade for omnichannel retail and it’s a cloud-based software development method that makes it possible to embed communication to a wide selection of application. Thus, enabling organizations to create a consumer driven omnichannel solution. With CPaaS, developers can add click-to-call and click-to-message features on websites and apps, so customers easily can initiate contact without having to leave an app. This functionality can also be integrated with your CRM, help desk and other backend applications. CPaaS had it’s big breakthrough in correlation with new companies emerging. When companies like Uber and Lyft took the market by storm, they quickly realized that effective in-app communication was the key to bring the concept to the next level.

CPaaS providers take care of all the back-end work and infrastructure, and you only need to manage the app. This is possible through the open application interface that developers can use to embed video, messaging and voice into their applications. A lot of businesses are now deploying CPaaS to create a collaborative and communicate platform that ensures a great customer experience.


How can CPaaS help you improve your customers experience?

  • Be where your customers are – Customers tend to use a variety of different methods to contact a business, including chat, text, voice, etc. And using CPaaS allows access to all communication methods in one go. It also puts you in the spotlight on the platform’s customers want to use.
  • Improve your statistics – CPaaS often includes monitoring and analysis tools, which can help you spot trends and room for improvement and make changes accordingly. 
  • Rapid development – Consumer demands are consistently evolving, and contact methods are no different. Businesses need to stay on track with development and quickly adapt with innovative contact methods that reflect customers taste. CPaaS systems can be changed rapidly which allows businesses to keep up.
  • Keep up with development – Even if you are unsure of what way to stay in touch with customers, CPaaS allows you to experiment with trends to see what works best. The high-speed ability to swap systems lets businesses try out new ideas while bringing the same great features.

Full-stack CPaaS provider

When picking a CPaaS provider, it’s important to make sure that they have a broad range of communication functionalities and deliver a hefty set of APIs that can seamlessly integrate customized voice, video or messaging into applications or websites. Any less than that shouldn’t fall under the full-stack term. The increased demand for CPaaS has resulted in a countless aggregator that don’t necessarily exhibit the true attributes of a CPaaS vendor in providing omnichannel communication. Even though you might want to start off with implementing one communication feature, once you realize the advantages of real-time communication, incorporating the other two might become a priority as well. In that case a full-stack provider is your best bet.

CPaaS with Dstny

With increasingly changing consumer demands, we can help your company stay up to date with customer engagement and on their terms. We can help your company integrate telephony within your day-to-day applications such as your CRM, economy or errand system. Thus, creating an omnichannel platform for all types of communications methods. Our seamless integrations helps you enrich your communications channels with applications that your customers use, or you plan to implement. We offer a wide range of integrations and can also accommodate customized integrations according to needs.

We also offer the ability to combine your company telephony with add-on bundles and independent features to reap the benefits of your company PBC while simultaneously taking collaboration and customer service to the next level. Our bundle Dstny Customer Service is the perfect alternative for companies looking for a telephony solution that is seamlessly integrated with current systems. This bundle includes;

  • Who’s Calling – With aid from smart and technical lookups you can easily see who’s calling before you’ve picked up the phone.
  • Virtual Phone Q – Provide your customers with the choice of letting a bot hold their spot until it’s their turn or at a pre-destined time to reach customer service.
  • Web Callback – Helps customers get in touch by a callback function directly or at a pre-destined time. This takes shape in a click-to-call button on the website that easily connects you with your website visitors in a matter of seconds.

Want to learn more about our integrations and how we can help you, contact us by clicking the button below and we will gladly help you out!