Our OPEN MIND:ER Dennis Carlsten

Dennis Carlsten

Dennis Carlsten is the latest addition to our Wholesale team. Having previously worked in our Partner support, he has now moved to Wholesale as a Technical Wholesale Manager to educate, support and forge relationships with our Wholesale-partners. Dennis is always ready to help out, and is motivated by helping out partners with their questions to make sure they succeed and are satisfied with Dstny. He also recently became a dad and thus of course looks forward to spending time with his family this summer.

Name: Dennis Carlsten
Technical Wholesale Manager

4 quick questions

  1. Teams or Slack? Slack
  2. Sugar or milk in your coffee? No thanks
  3. Lunch out or lunch box? Lunch out
  4. Vacation on the beach or ski trip? Vacation on the beach!

The role and Dstny

  1. What do you do in your role? My role is first and foremost to educate and support our Wholesale partners in the technical aspects of our products and services. But it also consists of developing and maintaining lasting relationships with our partners.
  2. What does a typical workday look like?  It’s hard to sum up, but it definitely starts with a cup of coffee, e-mail, and planning the day. Then it’s mostly meetings with different partners or departments within the company. 
  3. Why did you start working at Dstny? I previously worked at one of our partners and after a while just felt “Dstny, this is the next step for me” – and here I am. 
  4. What challenges have you experienced in your role? I’m still new in my role so for now everything is a bit of a challenge before you really get into it, but it’s always fun to tackle the challenges ahead and work forward!
  5. What motivates you at work? To always be challenged with new questions and tasks that forces you to put your thinking cap on! Also, answering questions and helping our partners. I make it my mission to see partners successful and happy with us as a supplier. 
  6. What is it like to change department within Dstny? It’s great that there are possibilities to change department within the company if needed. For me the move has been a steady process to support my old team while they recruit a new team member. 
  7. What do you look forward to this summer? To spend time with my kid and my family. 
  8. Who’s your favourite colleague? Impossible to pick one, all are my favourites!