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Emma Libeck is one of our latest stars in our fantastic Support team and in her role as First Line Technician, she helps customers with their support errands. After her previous job in a jewelry store, Emma was ready for  a new adventure and in a new field, and has despite the challenges that comes with understanding all things telecom, is a motivated colleagues with bursting energy. What motivates her most at work are her fantastic colleagues, that always support one another with the same goal to make sure that our customers are satisfied with us as a company. On her free time, she prefers a night in with friends playing various games such as cards against humanity or charades. She’s also a real foodie, that enjoys anything from sushi to burgers and schnitzel with pasta.  Emma has also impressively enough learned Samba, and has also taken classes before covid broke ut. Something she intends to pick up again now that restrictions have been lifted.

Name: Emma
Nickname: Emma
Department: End Customer Support
Roll: First Line Technician

4 quick questions

Lunch box or lunch our? Lunch box
Ski trip or sunny vacation? Sunny vacation
Slack or Teams? Slack
Milk or sugar in your coffee? Lots of Oatly

The role and Soluno

What does your role entail? In my role as a First Line technician in end customer support, I help our end customers to troubleshoot, adjust and add everything from users and mobile subscriptions to ACD groups and other PBX services.

What does a typical workday look like? A typical working day begins with a little small talk in the kitchen and brewing a hearty cup of Tea or Coffee before the phone hours start at 08.00. Depending on whether I have a phone day or not, I primarily focus on either solving chat and email cases or solving phone cases!

Why did you start working at Soluno? Before I started working at Soluno, I studied part-time and worked part-time in a jewelry store, as soon as I was advised to apply for the job as a support technician, it felt like a great opportunity to start working in a completely new industry for me and also get the opportunity to work full time!

What challenges have you experienced in your role? As I only have work experience from working as a store sales represnetative in retail without any technical skills or knowledge of telecom, pretty much everything has been a challenge to begin with.

What motivates you at work? My amazing colleagues! They gild every workday. They have all been fantastic to me from day one and I am constantly driven to be as good as them!

What did the onboarding process look like? During my training, I had Klara as a mentor who took a little extra care of me at the beginning of my employment. As all learning is based on “learn by doing”, she was bombarded by questions from me for several weeks. When restrictions and summer holidays prevailed, there was a risk that it would take a very long time for me to meet everyone, but fortunately, at Soluno wer are good at using communication tools such as teams and slack, which resulted in me still getting to know the most! Something I especially appreciated in my onboarding process was that me and my Colleague Edward who started at the same time as me had to book meetings with colleagues from Soluno’s different departments to be able to introduce ourselves to each other and hear from the departments themselves what their role and tasks looked like. .

What is the craziest thing you’ve experienced at work? In a positive sense it must be to start working at Soluno so quickly and then just a few months later become part of Destiny! 

What do you look forward to this winter? In the near future, I am very much looking forward to our Christmas table at Skansen! I love food and Christmas food so a whole buffet of it will be delicious.

Who is your favorite colleague? All! Not only my closest colleagues in Support but everyone I have come in contact with at Soluno are all super nice, fun and great at what they do! With that said, I want to bring a special thanks to my Sensei and BDFF (Best Desk friend forever) Klara who has been my mentor during my training and generally took me a little extra under their wings when I was new.

You rock gurl <3

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Brand Marketing Manager
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