Our OPEN MIND:ER Petter Tjärnås Liljedahl

Our champ Petter works proactively towards big customers as Service Manager and as Technician in our Partner Support. In his role, his responsibilities include creating, maintaining and supporting solutions together with our customers and partners so that they are able to grow with us. He lives after the saying that the customer is always right, and actively works to make sure we live up to their expectations every day. Petter is of course a monster-enthusiast and enjoys playing DOTA2 as a an ex support colleague. He is also a foodie that prefers cooking without peas and mushrooms, hobby plays guitar in his free time, and has previously practiced taekwondo.

Name: Petter Tjärnås Liljedahl
Nickname: Petrus, or lately Pertil.
Department: Partner Business Support
Role: Service Manager, Partner Business Technician

4 quick questions

Monster or Redbull? Monster
Dota or League of Legends?
Slack or Teams? Slack
Foo Fighters or Audioslave? Foo Fighters

The role and Dstny

What do you do in your role? As a Service Manager, it’s my responsibility to understand solutions for our bigger accounts as they vary in complexity. We work together with the customer to make sure they grow with our services in best way possible. 

As PBS-technician I support our resellers with technical challenges that they may encounter. We share knowledge with our partners and resellers so they are able to independently work as reactively and proactively as possible. 

What does a typical workday look like? A typical workday as SM starts with preparations for upcoming customer meetings, deployments, troubleshooting, or education. Thereafter, it’s taking ownership when leading projects and tickets to the right hands internally as well as externally to deliver what is expected from our customers. 

Why did you start working at Dstny? After having previously worked at 3 as a delivery coordinator, it felt like a natural next step to apply to Dstny. The best in the field of PBX telephony – plus I also wanted to be the best. 

What challenges have you encountered in your role? Terminology – especially when it comes to telephony it seems as if you talk around each other when your terminology differs for functions etc. Before starting and planning anything, I oftentimes try to make sure they understand our terminology. It simplifies the process for both customers and support. 

What is the best thing about work? It’s always great to make new connections and get out to different companies to see what they do best. Good chat basically! 

What is it like to change departments within Dstny? The development opportunities are plenty and I love it. I have myself made a journey through Support, Delivery, Customer Success (whereof I became SM) to Business Partner Support. A journey that has been truly valuable. 

What is the craziest thing you’ve experienced at work? The Destiny deal is the craziest thus far, imagine how the innovation pace will increase! On an individual level, it’s probably Johan Nyberg that takes the lead. 

What do you look forward to this fall? Probably the end of the pandemic, it’ll be nice to get to hang out in person again. With fall also comes new seasons of games, movies and shows to keep me busy. I’ll take this opportunity to recommend “Barry” on HBO which is somewhat of a dark twisted comedy. 

Vad driver dig mest i arbetsdagen? Everyone’s benevolence to do what is best for our customers, sounds cliché but it’s the truth.

Who is your favourite colleague?  Oh, there are so many that should be named, but if I have to pick one it’s probably Niklas Högberg – We have been friends since middle school and haven’t gotten tired of each other yet.