Our OPEN MIND:ER Wilhelm Ålander

Wilhelm Ålander, our Junior Product Manager, always contributes with his positive energy and motivation to our awesome Product team that plans, develops and  maintains our product and services. Wilhelm  started at Soluno last year because he thought that Soluno, in a conservative field, dares to think outside the box. A company where one is always surrounded by likeminded and motivated colleagues, where there are always projects  in action, and where you learn things every day. Before he became a part of Soluno he studied Math at Lund University. He is an avid Chelsea fan that likes to strength train  or play football as a “rickety” attacker. Not only that, he is always an undefeated FIFA 21 master. As a foodie he also has some pretty impressive food records in restaurants and holds the worlds best taco recipe.

Name: Wilhelm Ålander
Nickname: Wille
Department: Product
Role: Junior Product Manager

4 quick questions

  1. Iphone or Android? Iphone of course.
  2. Sugar or milk in your coffee? Nothing, it just gets too complicated.
  3. Teams or slack? Slack of course.
  4. Morning or afternoon meeting? Morning meetings are nice.

The role and Soliuno

  1. What do you do in your role? A Product Manager’s main goal is to make sure that Soluno’s range is always evolving. It’s a big process that includes planning, creating and maintenance of our products and services, simply a PO role. 
  2. What does a typical workday look like? At Soluno, all departments are involved in moving the company forward, so often a lot of meetings and syncs. Then I also work a lot to develop new concepts and technical documentation for our partners.
  3. Why did you start working at Soluno? Telecom is generally a very conservative industry, where Soluno dares to think outside the box. There is an incredible drive in the business and I am constantly surrounded by skilled colleagues.
  4. Hur såg din introduktionsdag ut? Had to settle in at the office followed by a guided tour to visit colleagues.
  5. What has been the best with working here so far? There are always several projects in progress and with that said space to learn new things.
  6. What challenges have you experienced so far? Most challenges are based on learning all about everything and it is a phase that is constantly going on!
  7. What do you look forward this summer? There is a lot to look forward to, is probably not alone in missing everyday things like having lunch with my colleagues on a daily basis.
  8. What motivates you at work? That no two days are the same as the other, I get to learn new things and feel that I can be involved and make a difference.
  9. Favourite colleague? Simon and Mattias are some pretty great guys. 
By Sofia Svantesson
Brand Marketing Manager
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