The development of remote work with cloud telephony in UK

The current situation of the Coronavirus has challenged many companies in the UK in how they will operate while still following government guidelines. Navigating the conflicting advice can be difficult and knowing when to send your staff home for remote work to minimize risk of spreading the virus. This has led to most employees in the UK currently working from home to ensure that staff and families are safe.

This has proven to be a challenge for companies in UK that still heavily rely on on-premise traditional phone system as they have to figure out new ways to continue operations from home. Traditional systems usually require at least someone at the office in order to manage hardware and installations. This coupled with guidelines has led to an increased demand in solutions that work regardless of the current situation and one solution among them is cloud telephony.

Cloud phone systems in times of Corona

A cloud phone system allows you to manage your calls in the cloud which ultimately empowers your staff to attend business calls and daily work remotely. It’s an easy switch and you can almost get up and running immediately while also preparing your company for upcoming situations in the future. While we do recognize that some occupations still require physical presence, we can still vastly reduce spreading the virus by facilitating those who can to stay home with a solution that seamlessly facilities remote work.

A cloud solution can also help maintain and keep down costs, which may prove crucial in a time where small businesses try to stay afloat. As the effects of the pandemic could entail other costs, you are at least able to keep it at a minimum with your phone- and collaboration system, which are both vital to thrive in this difficult time.

It’s important to note that the shift of course isn’t completely free of concerns. Companies worry about how they will keep staff motivated and productive from home. And it can be a challenge if you haven’t had any remote work options previously. In addition, all clients or partners might not have the right facilities to manage for example video conferences, while less tech savvy colleagues struggle to get a grip with the current platform. But many are positive and also see an upside to the shift, with more colleagues and businesses finally embracing a more digital way of working that will pave the way in the future. We can also assume that if done right, this might push businesses to promote more remote work. What proves crucial here is finding a solution and a routine that empowers employees to feel connected and motivated throughout their work.

Remote work in UK

We can only assume that the situation will lead to more drastic measures in working from home and this will hopefully motivate more businesses to move to the cloud to ensure that operations can run smoothly as they should, while also remotely. To aid in the current situation, we consistently work with our UK partners Trust Distributions and Marley Comms, to provide cloud telephony for the increased amount of remote businesses. Our cloud solution, coupled with our partners local experience, allow us to meet the increased demand of a mobile solution that not only prepares them for what the future has to offer, but also empowers employees to work as they would in office. Moving to the cloud results in high flexibility as they’re able to scale the services according to needs and operate wherever you see fit. And coupled with migration being fairly easy, we hope to see that more businesses soon feel inspired to take the leap.

If you’re currently operating in UK and looking for a new system that facilitates in the shift to remote work. Feel free to contact us and we will gladly help you out.

By Johan Wogel
Wholesale Country Manager UK
Challenging the development in the European cloud communication market, with one new wholesale partner at a time.

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