Thanks for a great Wholesale event!

Yesterday we held this years’ Swedish Wholesale event joint between commercial and technical – with focus on product. We first and foremost would like to thank all of you whom attended, both physically and virtually, and made it a great interactive event. Since this is bound to become a standard model in the future, we truly appreciate the patience with it being a lesson learnt for all of us and we value your feedback to make the next events as interactive and well though-out as possible.

Dstny, together with our partners, are strongly moving forward despite current circumstances. A big thanks goes out to our hard-working product team that is led by our product strategy being; keep it simple and play well with others. We have launched several new services and updates recently, and a lot is happening in the department that we think can further boost us as well as our partners in the path forward of driving the future of business communications.

We have among others just launched a new update of Teams that further fortifies the tool with advanced PBX functions. Integrations have gone from being a great complement into becoming fully fledged solutions as with our current update in MS Teams as well as the newly launched Slack Telephony. We understand that all situations are different and unique, and that’s why we make sure to put extra energy into building great integrations that meet different communication needs.

We also continue to develop our self-service portal, that is more important than ever to make sure customers are satisfied and to meet different needs of easily being able to solve errands and make changes in the PBX. For us it’s crucial that our partners not only get whole unified bundle that is ready to sell. But we also find it vastly important to deliver a bundle that is alive, always under development, and continues to grow with the changes in the field to always be on the forefront of partners’ and customers’ needs.