Record calls

Call recording for companies

For some field specific organisations, call recording is a necessity. We offer many types of services in PBX telephony, carrier services and hardware. With this as base we also offer a range of add-on services, such as the feature to record calls.

With our add-on service “call recording” you can store your recorded calls for up to 30 days. The service means that you can record landline calls as well as calls with your mobile. A great benefit with this service is that it works no matter what carrier you have.

For financial institutes it’s important to be able to follow up on affairs between realtors and other counterparties. Dstny’s call recording service is suppoert by MiFID ll, a law assigned via EU to increase transparency in the financial market. It’s important to note that your counterpart need to be aware of the recording.

  • Add-on services with call recording increase security in affairs
  • With the service you can easily follow up on agreements
  • The service adjusted for all carriers on the market
  • The call recording service is very user-friendly and you can easily search in your history
  • With the service you can record calls and reach duality in affairs
  • There are many possibilities with the service, including history that is stored on the web
  • The add-on service is flexible, versatile and applicable in landline- and mobile telephony.

Flexibility with call recording

With our add-on service you can reach maximum flexibility when recording calls. Call from your landline- or mobile phone and record your affairs whether you’re on your computer or on the run. The service can help you feel secure in your day-to-day work.

What happens when you sell in that currency to a customer only to realize that you don’t agree about the sum in the end? the customer is always right, right? Or maybe not. It might feel safe to be able to go back to the recorded call and double-check what you actually agreed on.

The best part is that you can store your calls for up to 30 days. Given that you must inform your customers, unless it’s written in the service agreement, that you’re recording the ongoing call. If you don’t inform the counterpart, it counts as interception.

Add-on services in telephony

With our add-on services you can reach maximum functionality in your ordered telephony. We have a top-notch customer center that you can reach no matter where you are or which carrier you use. We are always available, no matter what time of the day.

At Dstny we do our best to cater to all customer needs. If you choose call recording as an add-on module to your PBX service, we’re prepared to answer all questions to facilitate all eventual interruptions. Other add-on modules we offer include shared phonebook and teleconference.

With Dstny you’re always in safe hands. With the add-on service call recording we create duality that in many cases, is invaluable when doing affairs. The functionality in call recording is advanced, but easy to use. Flexibility and simplicity are an integral part of call recording.