Forward a mobile number

About forwarding a mobile number

Forwarding a mobile means that the calls are forwarded to another phone. The calls that would go to the affected mobile phone thus move on to another number. This is a common phenomenon when someone ends at their workplace and you want to make sure that any calls that go to that number are taken care of. You can also choose to divert a mobile when a person goes on a longer leave, for example a parental leave, or when a person with an extra important function is ill. Therefore, forwarding a mobile number is a very easy way to make sure that a certain number is always manned.

There are various procedures when it comes to forwarding a mobile. On some phones it is very simple, a code is entered and the call forwarding is started. In some cases it is a bit more cumbersome than that. For some carriers, call forwarding is a special service that must be ordered directly from the supplier.

It works to forward mobile phones to all kinds of phones. Fixed telephone numbers, mobile numbers and group numbers or exchange numbers are all equally good to divert to. You can liken the whole thing by forwarding an email to another account.

How to forward your mobile number?

How to forward a mobile phone may differ depending on what kind of mobile phone you have or which carrier you have. In many subscriptions, the possibility of forwarding a mobile number is a service included in the subscription. However, this may differ depending on the carrier you have and in some cases you may need to order call forwarding as a separate service.

Call forwarding Telia

If you have Telia as a carrier, you can manage your call forwarding directly in Mitt Telia. There you can also see the status of all numbers you have forwarded. You can find all this under Settings. There are also shortcuts for call forwarding.
Press ** 21 * [area code + phone number] #. Touch the handset icon.
If you want to deactivate your call forwarding, click: ## 21 #. Touch the phone icon.
If you want to end all the forwarding you have with Telia, click ## 002 #. Touch the phone icon.

Call forwarding Telenor

You manage Telenor’s call forwarding in the Mitt Telenor app. Click Settings, then Voice Mail and Call Forwarding. There is the option Forward to another phone number. Then you can easily enter the number to which the calls should go.

Call forwarding Tele2

If you have Tele2 as a carrier, call forwarding is a service that is included in the subscriptions, free of charge. You can choose between forwarding the mobile number to a voicemail or to another telephone number.
To forward all calls, click the ** 21 * number you want to divert, including area code # Phone Icon.
If you want to deactivate your call forwarding, click ## 21, 61, 62 or 67 # Phone Icon.

Forward Dstny

Dstny works exclusively with corporate telephony, telephony for companies. If you have Dstny’s company subscription and want to forward a mobile, you can do so by contacting our support. This way, the forwarding in the PBX is done correctly.

Forward a mobile number when the phone gets stolen

If your mobile phone has been lost or stolen, it is common to choose to forward your number in the belief that you will have control over your telephone number. However, this procedure is not recommended. The best thing to do if your phone has been stolen is to block the SIM card with your carrier and then wait for a new one. Then you can later activate your old number on the new SIM card.

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Forwarding calls are comparable to forwarding mail

Forwarding a mobile number is comparable to forwarding physical mail. Something that is often done when moving or during vacations and longer stays abroad. Forwarding, just like mail forwarding, is an important feature for being able to be away for a long time without losing important information or contacts. Thus, with a forwarding of calls, employees can be disconnected from their work phone without any business being stationary or ineffective while the employee is not in place.

• Call forwarding means sending the calls to another phone.
• The same number still works when calls are forward.
• Many forward fixed phones to mobile phones during holidays.
• It is usually used in workplaces when employees are vacant.
• All Swedish numbers can be forwarded, but not always foreign.
• Call forwarding is a service that can cost extra depending on subscription.
• Forwarding of mobile numbers can be compared with forwarding of mail.

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Why do you forward your mobile?

Of course, there are a number of reasons why you choose to forward your mobile. The absolute most common use of the feature is when it comes to business telephony. When employees are busy or have been away for an extended period, companies often want to ensure that calls are handled by a colleague instead or go to a group number. But of course the function is also used by private individuals. It is common for people who travel extensively to forward their fixed home numbers to a mobile phone.

People who travel frequently to other countries can choose to obtain a foreign SIM card. Then you can choose to use forwarding of your original mobile number to your foreign SIM card and thus be reachable on both your phone numbers. Sadly, the process of forwarding a Swedish mobile number to a foreign SIM card can be complicated and can also cost extra, depending on the type of subscription you have.

As previously mentioned, the process of forwarding a mobile can be similar to having an electronic mail forwarding, that is, where letters are sent directly to another addressee. And just like when it comes to mail forwarding, you can choose what period you want to forward a mobile. You can thus choose to forward under a specific time period or until further notice. Furthermore, these settings are usually easy to change if you need to cancel or extend a call forwarding.