Roaming EU

Roaming EU, what applies? – Dstny explains!

Roaming EU means that you can use your phone’s services in another EU country without paying extra fees, so called roaming fees. This was introduced in 2018 and means that you can pay the same price for data surf, calling (to landline phones or mobile phones) just like you would at home.

This applies no matter what carrier the recipient has. Meaning that if you reside in Sweden but travel to Spain and call from there to Sweden (or another EU country for that matter) you will pay the same price as you would if you called from home in Sweden.

This applies if you use your mobile more at home than in another EU country. If you use the roaming services permanently the carrier has the right to charge a fee up to a certain sum. This is a consequence if the service should be mismanaged.

  • EU citizens can use roaming services for free in other countries
  • This means that you can call and surf for the same price as in your home country
  • Operatören har rätt att ta ut en avgift om systemet missbrukas. Carriers
  • Det betyder också att man betalar samma pris oavsett vilket EU-land man ringer till hemifrån.
  • Det finns inga begränsningar för samtal eller SMS.
  • Begränsning för datasurf kan finnas beroende på det abonnemang man har.
  • Kostnaden blir högst sex euro per gigabyte data.

Data surfing policy

You have the right to use the amount of data surfing you have in your subscription. If you have a prepaid card where you pay for data surfing in your home country, you will have to pay 6 euros per gigabyte when you surf abroad. This means that you only pay the higher amount when you charge the card abroad.

If you have an unlimited data surf in your home country, your operator will inform you that you will have a certain restriction as soon as you cross the border into another EU country. The amount of data will depend on what you pay for the monthly fee for your subscription.

Clearly, you have to be offered a large amount of data surfing for free. When this amount of data is over, you will then pay six euros per gigabyte in 2018. Thereafter, the cost will fall each year. Your operator will send an SMS about their policy when you are abroad.

The clause on extra fees

Your operator has the right to control how your roaming usage looks for four months. If it then turns out that you have used your mobile phone more abroad than at home and at the same time they see that you have been abroad more than at home, they can send a request that you clarify the situation.

If you continue to use your mobile phone abroad, they are entitled to charge a fee. For calls, it is then 3.20 cents (excluding VAT) per minute, 1 cents per SMS, 6 euros per gigabyte. Only the price of data will fall every year.

By 2020, the price per gigabyte should be 2.50 euros excluding VAT. If you are a border commuter working in another EU country, it is enough to connect to your home network at least once a day, even if you surf more abroad.