Landline telephony

At Dstny, we offer landline telephony to all new and existing phone system customers. We have worked with landline telephony for small companies and enterprises since 2011, and continuously refine our offer throughout the years to meet our different customer's needs.
Bordstelefon fast telefoni

Landline telephony with Dstny

We offer landline telephony to all our new and existing PBX customers. We have worked with landline telephony for companies and enterprises since 2011, and have refined our offer throughout the years to meet our customer’s different needs.

Mix Dstny as a landline carrier with mobile carriers

Whether you work with a mobile phone, landline phone or softphone in your computer, the landline telephony need still remains in the corporate market. You can combine Dstny as a fixed network carrier with mobile carriers to mix internally within the company. Choose a set-up that works for your company.


Our offer – both local and non-geographical numbers

We offer local and non-geographical numbers, as well as shared cost and special numbers such as the Swedish 0770, 0771, and 020 numbers – everything you need from a landline provider.

Through several reliable partners abroad with whom we have extensive experience with, we offer international numbers in a variety of countries. This allows you to easily integrate local, national and international offices in one holistic solution.

Benefits of using Dstny as a complete telephony supplier

Collect everything in one place. We help you with the phone system, carrier agreements and support. With a single point of contact, a so-called SPOC, it's extremely easy for you to manage your business telephone.
Ikon network

A SPOC for telephony

SPOC stands for Single Point Of Contact, meaning you have a single contact area for multiple services. Dstny is SPOC for telephony, with both mobile switching and landline telephony in the same place.
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All on the same invoice

Avoid extra hassle and unclear invoices. We collect everything in one invoice that clearly shows what you are charged for. We are proud to have been told that we have Sweden’s easiest to use invoice.
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Mix landline and mobile telephony

Different colleagues have varying company telephony needs, whether it be a large or small company. With our offer you can mix landline telephony and mobile phone system to suit your needs.

Call costs

In a world where we are increasingly heading towards 'mobile first', landline telephony usually ends up in the cloud. But since the demand for landline telephony in a PBX solution remains, you might not want any fixed prices on landline. With Dstny's fixed line telephony for companies, you only pay for what you use, no fixed or hidden charges, and with competitive minute fees.
Mobile networksFixed networks

Opening fee per call


Minute charge within Sweden

0,59 SEK/min0,59 SEK/min

Opening fee for incoming calls to Special numbers (0770, 0771 & 020)


Incoming calls to Special numbers (0770, 0771 & 020)

0,59 SEK/min0,59 SEK/min

To call abroad

See what it costs to call from a landline, mobile or a softphone if you do  have a mobile subscription from Dstny, from Sweden to abroad.

Get in touch with us

Our competent sales representatives will be happy to contact you and help you with your specific needs, or you may call us at 010-410 51 30 to speak to an advisor directly.

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