Doctors Without Borders


A crucial force in the fight for global health

Doctors Without Borders is an organization that works to provide humanitarian aid and healthcare to the most vulnerable people in 70 countries around the world. By offering life-saving care and support in disaster areas and emergency situations, they have become a crucial force in the fight for global health. To enable their work, effective donor service is crucial, and here, Dstny's PBX plays a significant role.

Today, Doctors Without Borders is typically in contact with donors for memorial gifts, which often means communicating with relatives or friends of someone who has passed away. Personal contact is of the utmost importance in building a meaningful relationship and in answering questions or receiving donations.

Many incoming calls

The challenge

Doctors Without Borders receives an average of 100-250 incoming calls per day. During holidays and at the end of the year, when gift certificates increase, the number of calls also increases. In total, they had 28,895 incoming calls in 2022, and by mid-June 2023, they had already handled 14,465 calls. Many of these calls come from monthly donors who need help adjusting their donations.

Viktor Lundin, Team Manager at Doctors Without Borders' donor service, talks about the challenges they would face without an adequate telephone solution: "The obvious answer is that we would not receive calls at all. Personal contact is an important connection. It is often the only contact they have with Doctors Without Borders and therefore the telephone is important and needs to function."

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A user-friendly PBX

The solution

One of the most significant features of the telephone solution Dstny developed for Doctors Without Borders is the ability to handle incoming calls and inquiries about donations efficiently. By having a "phone shift" they can distribute the work among four employees who answer incoming calls. This division allows them to manage a large number of calls in an organized manner and give each donor the attention they deserve.

Another important feature is the ability to communicate with donors even outside the opening hours of donor service. This is done by simply informing about the opening hours and referring donors who wish to contact them to return during these times.

What the customer says...

Our employees work in a hybrid manner, so having a user-friendly system and the ability to route calls smoothly is beneficial. Another advantage is that it's easy to teach to temporary workers or new hires.
Viktor Lundin - Team Manager
Doctors Without Borders

In summary, Doctors Without Borders has been able to optimize its donor service and handle a large number of calls in an efficient and personalized manner through the use of Dstny's PBX. By offering personal contact via telephone, they have been able to build meaningful relationships with their donors and provide them with the support they need to continue supporting the organization's life-saving work around the world.

With a user-friendly system, employees can easily route calls smoothly, which is particularly valuable when working in a hybrid environment. "Another advantage is that it's easy to teach to temporary workers or new hires," says Viktor Lundin. This allows the organization to have a flexible workforce and maintain a high standard of donor service.

Dstny's PBX has truly become a valuable tool in Doctors Without Borders' work to help those who need it most.

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