Our switchboard services are completely independent of which carrier you choose. You can choose to use us at Dstny as a carrier or one of the other major carriers. Regardless, our services will work the same way. In addition, you can mix carriers within the same switchboard. It does not get smoother than that!
Benefits of being carrier-independent

Benefits of being carrier-independent

We have made it simple. With our solution you can freely change and mix carrier, all without needing to dismantle the entire switchboard. Our cloud switchboard is best if you:

  • Want to have the possibility to mix carriers
  • Might want to retain existing carriers
  • Must be able to change carriers in the future
  • Always want to be able to use our mobile app
  • Are tied into a contract but want to change switchboard service
  • Want to have a strong position in negotiations with carriers
Optional number display independent of carrier

Optional number display independent of carrier

You can choose to display your fixed network number from your mobile, regardless of what operator you have. Either with so-called MEX-functionality, which turns your mobile into a fixed connection in the PBX, or through calling via the mobile app, which is also called callback. Our callback function is particularly good if you want to bring down roaming costs.

Carrier-independent PBX

We collaborate with Telia, Tre (3), Telenor and Tele2. If you want to use another carriers, we pick up all the onward connection charges that arise. We help you to negotiate when it is time for a new procurement, which makes it cheaper for you as it is the carriers that pay for the assistance we provide. We are proud to be carrier-independent and can allow the assignment to be placed with the carrier that matches your needs best.

A single interface makes everything much simpler

A single interface makes everything much simpler

We help you to minimise the risk of errors, duplication of work and drawn-out deliveries. Let us be your SPOC (single point of contact). We take care of all support and all your orders are handled by our support technicians. We ensure that new users are entered on the correct summary invoice and that all other information is registered. Instead of having your mobile subscription in one place, your switchboard connection in another and buying your phone in a third place, you have everything under one roof, in a single delivery.

Dstny is completely carrier-independent and has a complete infrastructure for all major carriers in Sweden

This means that Dstny can offer full mobile and fixed network integration with Telia, Telenor, Tele2 and 3. In addition, Dstny is also its own mobile and fixed network carrier in Telenor's network.


You can change mobile carrier at any time without having to break the entire switchboard.



With Dstny, you can enter the solution with an existing optional carrier, regardless of the binding time.



It is possible to mix carriers and corporate identity numbers in the Dstny switchboard. Regardless, the carrier can integrate with Dstny gear.

Frequently asked questions about our carrier-independent PBX

Can employees have different carriers in the same PBX?

You can have different carriers within one and the same PBX. In your mobile you can have any carrier, but if you want the MEX feature you must have a fixed number and mobile number from the same carrier. The same person must therefore have the same carrier on his fixed line number and his mobile number if MEX is to work. However, different people can then have different carriers within the same switchboard.

How does it work when we mix carriers?

Our customers will notice no difference if we mix carriers in the same switchboard system. However, for us as an PBX provider, it means that we put a tag on the user to direct the call to the right carrier. Our services allow you to access MEX regardless of carrier, which has proved very beneficial for geographically dependent companies where a specific carrier is required for mobile coverage in a particular location.

Are there any carrier that work better than others in your PBX?

All carriers function in our PBX. On the other hand, we have high demands for operators to live up to the standards we are striving for. If cooperation is not working well with a specific carrier then we will stop recommending them and in extreme cases we will cease to sell that operator’s services. This is to ensure that companies always get the best possible service from us.

Does MEX work with all carriers?

Mobile extension, MEX for short, allows a mobile number to get the same functionality as a fixed network number in the switch. With MEX it does not matter if it rings from or to a mobile phone or a landline. All actors targeting companies offer MEX. However, this feature cmay not be addressed by private-market actors.

Can Dstny support all carriers?

We can support our own carrier as well as the carriers with which we have a contract. This includes all large and medium players in the corporate market in Sweden. We, of course, also support any question that might come up with our switchboard services.

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