What do I need to think about while abroad with my mobile?

Before you go abroad you need to check that your subscription doesn't have any blocks for data or calls if you want to be able to fully use your services. You can get this information directly from us, just e-mail or call our support.

Note that traffic control on your subscription doesn't work abroad.

What does it cost to use your mobile abroad?

It may be good to know what costs that apply for the specific country you're in. Our international prices for calls, sms and internet can be found here.

How does surf work abroad?

If you're on a business trip connecting to WiFi isn't enough because you need to be available all the time. The cost for surf is charged per MB and add more your bill depending on what country you're in. Soluno recommends that if you know that you need constant access to surf even when outside of a WiFi network, to activate our service that gives you a fixed day price for surf.

Prices can be found here.

To activate this service send us an e-mail: support@dstny.se

I'm abroad but I don't have service on my mobile. What do I do?

Usually the phone will automatically find an international carrier to connect to, but sometimes you need to manually search to get service on your phone.

To search network manually you can easily do it by the following:

Settings – Carrier – Turn off Auto (should be white) – Wait until the phone has finished searching and a list with available carriers will appear. Choose one and change to another if you still don't have service.

Settings -> More networks/Mer -> Mobile network -> Network carrier
Choose a carrier from the list and change to another if you still don't have service.