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How do I set the sound so it doesn't come from the computer when I'm talking on my softphone?

Choose your headset in the drop-down list of sound input and output. The call signal should be the computers speaker so you can hear when it's ringing if you're not always wearing your headset.

If you have an issue with your computer changing sound unit it may be because the other is standard unit on the computer, check your standard units under settings -> sound. Standard unit changes sometimes if you pull the cable/usb unit out of your headset and connect it again.

How do I transfer calls in softphone?

To forward a call in progress, place the mouse cursor within the frame of the active call and drag the call using the muse

to the person you wish to connect to in the left-hand field, the contact list. Then release the button and the call connects automatically.

To announce the call before connecting, call the person you with to notify by clicking on the handset on the person’s contact card. The existing call is put on hold automatically. When you have made the notification drag the call that is on hold down to the active ”notified” call.

softphone koppla samtal forward calls

Why doesn't the softphone ring when my mobile is turned off?

When someone calls on your landline number Soluno disconnects the call according to your settings in the PBX, by standard the PBX transfers the call to your softphone and your mobile at the same time. If your mobile is turned off, the call will go directly to voicemail for your mobile subscription. For Soluno the answer from your voicemail always looks the same if you should click on the green phone in your telephone to pick up. This happens so quickly that the call usually doesn't have time to call in your softphone before your voicemail answers.

Solution: If you want to turn your mobile off while being available in your softphone, we can change it so that it first calls on your softphone and then your mobile. You will then have time to answer your incoming calls before your voicemail picks up the call. See the chapter about "Voicemail" if you want to use a voicemail instead of a separate one on your mobile. Contact Soluno support and we will help you with the settings.

How do I get started with my mobile PBX?

If you have a mobile license and want to get started with Soluno mobile you need a welcome text. To receive one you need to go to the site tele.unotelefoni.se (as previous Uno kund) or https://bc.solus.se/login (as previous Solus kund) and log in with your information, choose "Applikationer" and thereafter "Skicka installtions-SMS igen". When you've recieved your welcome text you click the link to go to the landing page with easy instructions of how to finish the installation.

If you already have the app downloaded via App Store or Play Store you choose "Konfigurera" for the app to start working.

How do I transfer calls with the Soluno app?

With the app you can choose to transfer calls surveilled or directly. When you have an ongoing call you go to the Soluno app and choose the person in your contact list you want to transfer the call to. While in contacts you have the choice of transferring directly or surveilled.


How do I call via wifi?

You need to contact Soluno Support in time before you want to use this function in order to get the right settings for your user. To receive calls through WiFi counts as a softphone call in the rules on users in the PBX. To activate the service it requires that you have a licens for both mobile and softphone.

In the app you can choose to call through WiFi which allows you to save a lot of money and especially while abroad. The activation is simple and can be done directly in the app. How you do varies depending on if you have a iOS or an Android unit.


Open the Soluno app, swipe right and you will have your settings.

Choose "Only Voip" and log in.

When you're ready to call via WiFi, it only requires you to call directly through the app.


Open the Soluno app, swipe right and you will have your settings. Choose VoIP setting:

Thereafter choose "Only WiFi" and press log in and you're set.

Make sure that it works by setting you phone on airplane-mode with WiFi and try make a call.

Can I see if someone has called on the PBX number or my own connection in the mobile?

Yes, we can set it up so that the call coming from the PBX shows your PBX number or for example 2 numbers before calls. If you want to see the PBX number we will save the information of who called in your call history on the website.

You can find call history on your user page. Contact your administrator on the company or Soluno Support and we will set the number presentation for the PBX number for you.

Which IP phones support Soluno?

Phones bought by Soluno are pre-configured to work with the user the phone is ordered for.

The models we have for support are:

  • Snom 300- och 700 series

  • Mitels landline phones i 68xx series

  • Gigaset, N510 IP Pro, N720 IP

  • Snom Meeting point

I can't call or receive calls, what can I do?

Make sure that the base station/land line phone gets IP address, it's required to troubleshoot the phone. If it doesn't receive IP address the phone isn't working.

Start by restarting your base unit and the landline phone to see if you get an IP address after that (remove the electric cable and network cable), if it doesn't receive an IP address you need to talk to whom is responsible for your network.

If your phone is connected to another network and you get an IP address but it still doesn't work you need to have another unit (your computer for example) on the same network that support can remote control to see what type of issue it is with your landline.

Before contacting Soluno Support you need the following:

  • A computer or other unit in the same network as the phone that we can remote control.

  • A remote control ID, download the program here, and the IP address for the base/land line phone.

  • IP address to the base unit/ the land line phone.

Do I need two separate voicemails?

In a mobile PBX you have two voicemails my standard, one on your mobile subscription and one that belongs to your land line. This may be confusing and we therefore offer the ability to only use one of the voicemails for both numbers despite carrier on the mobile. This also allows you to play your references for those who call even when they call you on your mobile number.

Soluno Support will help you with the settings needed to only use one voicemail.
Contact Soluno Support.

How do I get started with my voicemail?

You can reach your voicemail by calling 555 (Softphone or IP phones) or your new voicemail number (Soluno Mobile). If you're unsure of what your voicemail number is, contact the administrator on your company.

The first time you call your voicemail, or if you don't have any new messages, you will be met by a voice that describes the menu and what the different options mean.

I forgot my password/username for Soluno, what do I do?

To reset only your password, you can open the link below that leads to a PDF and follow the steps.


You can also always consult with the person or persons who are the admin for your exchange. They can see your username in MySoluno. They can not see your password but they can change it to another, for you.

Last modified Nov 2020

How do I record a new voicemail for the PBX?

To record a new sound file you can:

Call 08-120 100 64 and follow the voice, record a voicemail and then hang up to end the recording. Thereafter we send the file to you so that you can listen to it.


Log in on My site, choose Administrator view and thereafter Organization and Voicemail. Here you will see all your sound files and if you go to bottom of the page you will see "New voicemail" - Click it and you will go to:

How do I refer myself in Solunos different tools?

The referral can be done by a few clicks of a button in a graphic view. It's possible to refer yourself through tone when you call 556 and get 9 read out loud. For example; click 1 for meeting and click 0 for availability. 

Can I set the time and date for specific referral?

Yes, the referral can be done manually or with timing manually or through sycnhronizing to your Outlook calendar. If they are timed, for example; lunch between 12.00-13.00, your referral in Soluno will be changed automatically after the time set. The referral will automatically go back to "Available", when an end time has passed.

The service for synchronizing is called Calender Connection and can be ordered through Soluno Support.

Why does my softphone loose contact with my headset?

Soluno Softphone is able to constantly recognize if you headset is plugged into the computer or not. If your computer goes into sleep mode because you haven't used it for a while, it's common for the USB headset to loose contact with the computer. The computer thinks the headset isn't connected and the Softphone won't get contact with your headset.

Solution: Change your energy settings on your computer.

For Windows you change the settings under control panel -> Energy alternative -> Change computer settings for energy saving and activate the screen saver for energy saving mode.

For MAC you can do this with "Apple" -> System preferences -> Energy saver -> Enery adapter -> Make sure to check "Prevent computer from sleeping automatically when the display is off".

If you want the comptuer to be in energy saving mode you can easily do it by reconnecting your headset to the computer when it has started (By pulling out and plugging in the cable/UBS-unit to your headset again).