Administrate PBX

How do I record a new voicemail for the PBX?

To record a new sound file you can:

Call 08-120 100 64 and follow the voice, record a voicemail and then hang up to end the recording. Thereafter we send the file to you so that you can listen to it.


Log in on My site, choose Administrator view and thereafter Organization and Voicemail. Here you will see all your sound files and if you go to bottom of the page you will see "New voicemail" - Click it and you will go to:

How do I refer myself in Solunos different tools?

The referral can be done by a few clicks of a button in a graphic view. It's possible to refer yourself through tone when you call 556 and get 9 read out loud. For example; click 1 for meeting and click 0 for availability. 

Can I set the time and date for specific referral?

Yes, the referral can be done manually or with timing manually or through sycnhronizing to your Outlook calendar. If they are timed, for example; lunch between 12.00-13.00, your referral in Soluno will be changed automatically after the time set. The referral will automatically go back to "Available", when an end time has passed.

The service for synchronizing is called Calender Connection and can be ordered through Soluno Support.