Do I need two separate voicemails?

In a mobile PBX you have two voicemails my standard, one on your mobile subscription and one that belongs to your land line. This may be confusing and we therefore offer the ability to only use one of the voicemails for both numbers despite carrier on the mobile. This also allows you to play your references for those who call even when they call you on your mobile number.

Soluno Support will help you with the settings needed to only use one voicemail.
Contact Soluno Support.

How do I get started with my voicemail?

You can reach your voicemail by calling 555 (Softphone or IP phones) or your new voicemail number (Soluno Mobile). If you're unsure of what your voicemail number is, contact the administrator on your company.

The first time you call your voicemail, or if you don't have any new messages, you will be met by a voice that describes the menu and what the different options mean.