Dstny resolved AD Bildelar’s problems

Dstny BC was the obvious choice as the services in the switchboard system perform perfectly for the AD Bildelar's operations.

Dstny resolved AD Bildelar’s problems

AD Bildelar is a company that offers a wide range of spare parts, as well as autoparts and other quality products for the vehicle sector. The objective is to be a complete supplier of autoparts to both garages and consumers. Engine preheaters, brakes and car styling represent the company’s everyday work.

A company which sells autoparts loses sales when customers find it difficult to get through.
“Our previous switchboard solution was not very good. Customers didn’t always get through to our shops. But changing to the cloud switchboard from Dstny BC resolved everything,” says Mathias Lindqvist, IT Manager for AD Sweden Bildelar Varberg AB.

The company previously used a cloud solution from another supplier. However, it was often the case that customers did not get through to the eleven shops.
“We were not particularly satisfied with the system we had at that time. We looked into it in 2009 but quickly encountered problems. Once the commitment period was over in 2011 we went for Dstny’s telephony solution,” Mathias Lindqvist says.

He was aware of the potential advantages of cloud solutions. And was now able to derive benefit from them.
“Dstny’s system works fantastically well! Everything  – the technology, the support, the employees’ approach  – is as clear as a bell. The price of the services is also good. Finding the right supplier was an important decision and I have to say that it really was a direct hit! I basically have nothing negative to say about Dstny.”

AD Sweden Bildelar Varberg AB has eleven call groups with a total of 65 internal users. And the services in the switchboard system perform perfectly for the company’s operations.
“The functions are the result of a modern way of thinking. Furthermore, Dstny is endeavouring to develop them so that they are even better.”

Mathias Lindqvist knows that he can place high requirements on Dstny BC and that they deliver in full.
“I can recommend them to anyone!”