Flexibility is a major plus

Ekamant AB chosed Dstny’s cloud-based telephone switchboard and everything has proceeded without a hitch.

Flexibility is a major plus

Ekamant AB is a world leader in the manufacture of grinding materials for the global wood industry. With more than 80 years’ experience, the company is also one of the oldest actors, as well as one of the most innovative, with a long tradition of launching innovative technology. The head office is located in
Markaryd in Småland.

Ekamant AB was tipped off about Dstny’s cloud-based telephone switchboard and after initial contact with the technology and the staff, everything has proceeded without a hitch.
“The early positive feeling was reinforced en route and we are very satisfied that we selected a new telephony solution from Dstny BC,” says Johan Simonsson, IT manager at Ekamant AB.

Ekamant AB manufactures flexible grinding tools, primarily for the woodworking industry, and sells them in more than 50 countries. The company has about 550 employees globally and the head office is located in Markaryd. There are currently some 65 users connected to the operator-independent digital switchboard from Dstny.
“Support for our old Alcatel switchboard was going to come to an end, and furthermore it was not possible to connect mobile telephones to it, so we were forced to think again and the choice fell on Dstny,” says Johan Simonsson.

Softphone, desktop phones, Exchange connections and a large number of mobile phones – using Dstny’s mobile app – are connected in the switchboard.
“One massive benefit for us is precisely that the mobile phones are integrated with the switchboard. Another boost is that we now see the status of the staff, if they are engaged in meetings or something else.”

The fact that the company itself can administer some of the functions in Dstny is also a plus.
“With our previous supplier we had to call and buy a service.”

Johan Simonsson feels that Dstny’s employees were on the ball from the very start of the project to install the switchboard.
“They are wonderfully capable people. And they provide excellent, fast support if anything happens now that we are operational.”

He also feels that not having a server taking up space is positive.
“Dstny offers the telephony service and supplies it with a high level of functionality at a good price. It’s just the way we want to have it,” Johan Simonsson says.