When lives are at stake everything has to work

Falk Healthcare chose Dstny's switchboard in the cloud since people needs to be able to reach them 24/7.

When lives are at stake everything has to work

Falck Healthcare helps companies and organisations to be more effective and healthy through supporting people to function at work. For over 20 years the company has supplied crisis support and staff support, as well as different consultants and training initiatives for private and public operations in Sweden.

The core activity in Falck Healthcare is based on people being able to reach them 24/7.
“We needed a flexible telephony solution, a future-proof system that we could further develop, and selected Dstny’s switchboard in the cloud,” says Billy Hugoson, IT and Telephony Manager at Falck Healthcare.

The Falck group has been working in Sweden since 1950 to prevent accidents, illness and emergency situations, to provide fast professional help for people who have got into trouble, and has also rehabilitated the sick and injured.
“We are people who help people, the most important thing you can do. So it is vital that the telephony solution functions, and Dstny’s does,” Billy Hugoson says.

Falck Healthcare has 109 users connected to the cloud-based switchboard, which handles 93 softphones, 72 mobile apps, a simple call centre and numerous different call groups.
“We can set up a new call group in five minutes, after which the customer can call. It is very fast,” Billy Hugoson says.

If, for example, a customer wants an 0200 number to be visible outwards, Falck Healthcare can implement it in the cloud switchboard.
“It might entail the customer having to be able to call us for life-saving or crisis management, and if we subsequently need to call them back we see the number directly.”

The company has been using Dstny’s operator-independent services for a long time.
“Yes, it is possible to have a switchboard via Telenor or Telia, but there is a risk of it taking a long time to get help if it is needed. Dstny’s support is fast and the fact that we have a fixed personal contact is effective. They know how we operate and how we want things to be,” Billy Hugoson says.

He thinks that Dstny provides value for money.
“Price-wise it’s competitive. But we don’t only consider the price, rather we require a system that is really reliable. And Dstny’s cloud solution for our medium-sized company certainly is. But I imagine it would be perfect for all sizes of company,” Billy Hugoson says.