Newcomer in the insurance industry chooses Dstny for the sake of its customers

Telephony is an important tool for communicating, so Svedea transferred its switchboard solution to Dstny.

Newcomer in the insurance industry chooses Dstny for the sake of its customers

Svedea is an insurance agency that wants to change the insurance industry. The idea is to offer the customers clear and simple insurance and to challenge established truths about insurance.

It has also chosen to focus on specific areas where it has solid expertise – all to provide the customer with a better and faster claims procedure.
“It doesn’t matter whether you work with customer service or are a product expert at Svedea. We are all specialists in the areas we insure”, says Philip Wadenius, Head of Customer Service at Svedea.

“Our ambition is to make what is complicated and vague, simple and clear. The fact is that many consumers find insurance difficult to understand, both when it comes to terms and price plans. Furthermore, we only insure what we are really good at, such as snowmobiles, boats and animals,” he continues.

In other words, Svedea doesn’t insure everything. Instead it makes sure to focus on specific areas where it can offer expert knowledge. This gives the customer a claims procedure that is both better and faster than that offered by many competitors. Telephony is clearly an important tool for communicating with customers as part of everyday operations.

“Of course, what is absolutely the most important is that the telephony is stable and functional. It is also very important for us to have a satisfactory collaboration with the supplier so that we are always in accord and can develop together, Philip says.

Svedea transferred its switchboard solution to Dstny in early 2016.
“We were looking for a fast and receptive supplier which understood our needs. Dstny quickly emerged as the best alternative. In previous procurements we have often observed a difference between the feasibility study and how the system actually turned out in reality. But with Dstny we have gained a supplier that corresponds precisely with what we were looking for. They deliver quality and efficiency and value our collaboration,” Philip Wadenius reports.

Svedea also uses the Contact Centre solution, Puzzel, integrated with Dstny for some of its employees. The aim of this is to be able to make even more efficiencies and increase the quality out to our customers.
“Dstny and Puzzel work very well together and give us excellent conditions to develop our telephony. The plan is to integrate e-mail and social media in the Contact Centre solution in the near future in order to collect all channels in one place”, Philip says.

“We are already noting that we can act more quickly and increase customer satisfaction thanks to both Dstny and Puzzel. A service such as SMS Survey, for example, enables us to send out a survey to our customers directly after the call is finished. This means that we can rapidly deal with a customer who was not completely satisfied by, for example, calling back,” he concludes.