Teleconferences without any hassle

Crispin Porter + Bogusky Scandinavia changed to Dstny BC, an operator-independent telephone switchboard in the cloud.

Teleconferences without any hassle

A full service agency with a digital focus. Just over 60 people work in Scandinavia at the offices in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Copenhagen. The list of customers for the Scandinavian offices includes Scania Trucks, Sony Mobile, Chalmers University of Technology, Arctic Paper, Frölunda Indians, SCA Hygiene Products and Stena Line.

The full service agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky Scandinavia wanted to have a more modern and cost-effective telephony solution. So the company changed to Dstny BC, an operator-independent telephone switchboard in the cloud.
“It’s like night and day! Now we have full control,” says Nicklas Carlsson, IT Manager at Crispin Porter + Bogusky Scandinavia.

The advertising agency’s employees are particularly delighted with the teleconferences function.
“We use it a tremendous amount, both internally and externally. Being able to simply and rapidly book teleconferences without any hassle is fantastic,” Nicklas Carlsson says (picture).

Around 40 users are entered in the system, which has a high level of reliability.
“We have only had a few very brief interruptions per year. And if anything happens we always receive fast and effective information about it, the same applies if Dstny is going to implement a scheduled update.”

Nicklas Carlsson quite simply feels that he receives ”value for money”.

He knows what he is talking about as he acts as internal support and is very familiar with Dstny BC. The receptionist is also good at the system.
“If we are not able to resolve something ourselves, the response from Dstny has always been excellent. Getting assistance is never a problem and we have had a personal contact for seven years.”

With good internal know-how, it is simple to add new users, start call groups, create voice referrals etc. in Dstny BC.
“We have full control and can do pretty much whatever we want at the time. We might want to change everything for the summer when things go a bit quiet, and then have other response options when it is high season. It is perfect to be able to save different alternatives and then activate them when necessary,” Nicklas Carlsson says.