Cloud PBX

What is a cloud PBX

Fixed telephony through the copper network is increasingly replaced with the latest solutions built from the latest technology in IT and telecom. A field that is affected by this is phone PBX and PBX solutions. What we now see is that more go over to a cloud PBX instead of a traditional PBX.

The cloud is a collective name for the services that are provided over internet. It regards things that we’ve previously had in our own computers. This may entail anything from storage of data to advanced programs. A cloud PBX is a system to manage incoming calls and internet communication in a company.

Instead of a traditional PBX, A cloud PBX makes it possible to have a cost efficient PBX solution that allows more ability to customize depending on customer’s unique needs The capacity increases in the cloud and the system can easily be scaled up or down that doesn’t affect personnel.

  • Services in the cloud are available through a regular internet connection.
  • Fixed telephony and PBX services through the copper network are disappearing.
  • With a cloud PBX workload decreases while the services becomes increasingly more advanced.
  • It’s easy to get started with Cloud-based PBX solutions.
  • Växellösningen kan skräddarsys med olika funktioner för olika företag.
  • Coworkers can be connected to a cloud PBX, wherever they’re located.
  • A cloud PBX is in essence maintenance free.

PBX services after needs

With a cloud PBX it’s easy to add capacity and services in pace with company expansion. Dstny can offer a PBX solution that is flexible in that it even fits companies that work in different sized projects or according to seasons.

With a cloud PBX a company can retain more control over internal communication which created effective information flows. It’s also possible to provide better service to customers and partners that contact the company. This is somewhat of the lifeblood in many fields and cloud-based PBX solutions can mean huge improvements.

With a cloud PBX it’s easy to more. The service’s hub are online and the only thing needed to reach it is internet connection. PBX services previously required deposited staff, but with the technical solutions available today you can save a lot of time.

How do you get started?

If you turn to us to get started with cloud-based PBX solutions, you will get all the support you need for the company to implement the new technique. Cloud-based solutions are smooth but we also have a habit of informing you of how the latest telecom technique can be of use.

The hardest with cloud-based PBX solutions is oftentimes seeing the possibilities that the technique entails. You can vastly improve by just working on small details such as welcome message directly when calling. With a cloud server you get more control of this type of content and many other functions to experiment with.

More and more functions are moved to the cloud in pace with data transfer speed increasing and new developed services. A huge benefit is that you as a company can avoid huge investments in hardware that require maintenance as well as technically knowledgeable staff. This leads to focus on the core, something all companies should strive for.

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