Conference phones

Conference phones

Conference phones are available in most workplaces and allow users to talk to multiple people simultaneously. It’s therefore possible to hold meetings and other types of communication despite one or more parts being located elsewhere.

Conference phones have been around for long but increasingly become more advanced, and this year even smart conference phones are available on the market. the function is usable as regular mobile phones, but it’s common to have a special conference phone that has better sound quality.

The ability to hold meetings over phone, or just talk to more than one friend at the same time, is an important and integral part of our communication today to ease day-to-day life. A common way to fill these needs today is with Skype or group chats.

  • Conference phones can be used when several lives need to be connected to the same call
  • The function is popular in many workplaces and offices
  • It may only regard regular phones or video calls
  • There are many variations, from simple to more advanced
  • Skype is a popular alternative to conference call
  • The function can be used for international purposes
  • Conference phones have facilitated work in many workplaces

What are conference phones?

Conference phones are used all over the world since roughly 20 years back. This simply means that you connect two or more phones to the same call, so that the meeting and conference can be help without anyone physically participating.

Conference phones aren’t the same as speaker phones, which just plays the sound higher but can’t manage calls on different lines. Both parts are often used in meetings and conferences, but the difference lies in the speaker phone’s ability to only manage two-way communication while conference calls can handle multiple lines in the same call.

The function exists in some mobile phones, in special networks, and in common workplaces. Most use the function for work calls, but are also often represented in film and media as a way for friend groups to communicate simultaneously. The function is often replaced with group chat where you instead of calling just write to multiple participants.

Conferences in a globalized world

In a digital and fast pace society, conference calls are becoming increasingly more importan. To hold meetings and conferences without all participants actively partaking allows contact between different workplaces in different parts of the country or the world in a completely new way.

Especially when more companies are managed from different countries, conference calls essential to run the business. In that case it’s often crucial to use video call, which doesn’t necessarily mean a conference call and can be managed between two lines or more.

This has relieved traveling for work, by shortening the process and simplifying decisions that otherwise would have to be approved by more parts and separately. In other words, conference calls are an important aspect of our globalized as well as digital works, even if video calls are increasing with internets prevalent role.

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