Mobile broadband router

Mobile broadband router

Mobile broadband router is a wireless unit that is connected to the mobile network. 4G is mostly used to connect the mobile network but 3G is also common. Mobile broadband allows you to bring internet wherever you are as long as you have reception with your chosen carrier.

You can connect your mobile, computer, tablet, or anything that has wifi connection. Several people can share internet through a mobile broadband router. For those who live in scarcely populated areas without access to regular broadband, mobile broadband is a cheap and effective solution to get internet access.

The only thing you need is a subscription with 3G or 4G, a router for mobile broadband and units that can connect to internet through wifi. 4G is recommended since it’s the 4th generation’s mobile network that is quick, more reliable and suits several people or those streaming a lot from internet.

  • With a router for mobile broadband you can reach internet through mobile network.
  • 4G or 3G is used mostly for mobile broadband through a router.
  • To stream tv-series or movies, 4G mobile broadband is recommended.
  • With a router for mobile broadband you can connect several units simultaneously.
  • Mobile broadband through a router is perfect for your summer stay or any other places without fiber broadband.
  • Mobile broadband can be brought abroad within EU without roaming fees
  • Sweden has one of the lowest costs for mobile broadband through 4G.

Connect several units simultaneously

There are both portable and stationary routers for mobile broadband. The portable can be useful for a family where more than one unit is common. Mobile phones already have a sim-card but a tablet or computer could need mobile broadband.

 When you travel up north, to your summer share or abroad it can be very practical to bring a portable mobile broadband router. new rules within Eu allow surf as usual, without extra roaming fees. This means that you can surf for the same amount that you paid for in Sweden.

If you’ve signed up for unlimited surf you will get a certain amount when surfing outside of Sweden but within EU. You will get a predestined amount of gigabyte that you can surf with, depending on what you pay for your subscription for mobile broadband.

Free with mobile broadband

Today there are portable mobile broadband routers that you easily can  bring anywhere which is great for employees on the go. Either in form of a power supply through a chargeable battery that you connect to your outlet. You don’t need to be bound to a specific spot where fiber broadband exists.

With the new updates of the 4G network you can get up to 1000 mbit/s which applies to most stationary units. The portable reach up to 600 mbit/s but the technique is improved each year. These speeds are enough for a whole lot of movies and online games etc.

Thanks to Sweden’s relatively big and developed 4G network, prices for mobile broadband are lower than the rest of the world. It’s therefore smart to invest in mobile broadband, even for the ones that are on the move a lot with their computers.

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Benefits of Mobile broadband

  1. 3G, 4G and now 5G provide much faster internet connection, and oftentimes better than regular broadband.
  2. You can browse the internet while traveling, which is great for those who travel a lot for work.
  3. You can download much faster, and with the right provider, long gone are the days of waiting for a video to buffer.
  4. You don’t have to hassle with cables or connecting anything to a plug.
  5. No installations or extra fees since the only thing you need is a SIM card.
  6. They’re often sleek and don’t take up much place which is perfect for the minimalistic homes.
  7. You can connect several units simultaneously and in some cases up to 30 units at a time.
  8. Has better reach.

How do you get started with a MiFi router?

One of the greatest benefits with MiFi is that it doesn’t require any extensiva installation. You simply insert you SIM-card and get started. Within seconds your laptop or other unit will detect the signal and will be ready to connect. It also doesn’t require any software to be installed, so you’re basically ready to go within a few seconds compared to regular broadband that might require an engineer to visit your home.

MiFi vs mobile dongle

A mobile dongle is another good alternative for laptop users since you just connect it to your laptop. You don’t have to charge and so set up is pretty straightforward. However, you can only connect one unit at a time and you need to make sure that unit is compatible. MiFi units on the other hand allow several users to connect simultaneously, which is great for work teams or travelling families. It’s also a cost effective alternative for students sharing accomodation that don’t want to invest in a long-term contract.