Mobile router

Mobile router

Have you considered what a mobile router is? A mobile router lets you surf wherever you go because the router broadcasts an internet connection to your devices. Either via Wi-Fi, as a mobile hotspot, or via a cord connected to your computer. A mobile router can be sold both with or without a subscription. They are available in all sorts of different models, sizes and price ranges. Often, you can purchase a mobile router from your carrier along with your regular subscription.

mobil router

  • A mobile router is a wireless modem
  • It can be charged with prepaid card or have a subscription
  • Mobile broadband don’t need to be connected to the wall
  • They have different battery time and are chargeable
  • With a wireless modem the whole family can surf wirelessly
  • Perfect to bring on work trips or vacation
  • Many different brands and developers sell mobile routers

What is a mobile router?

To put it simply, a mobile router is a small box that can distribute the Internet. It’s a portable Wi-Fi router, much like the one many have in their homes. But instead of being connected to a wall-fixed internet, the router has a SIM card in it. That way you can bring your private internet connection wherever you are. In addition, many mobile routers can distribute the Internet to multiple devices at once. Sometimes up to 10 units. Perfect when you want to be able to share the internet to your phone, your laptop, your tablet, game console or camera at the same time. It also works well in families where more people want to use their devices at the same time.

Unlocked or locked mobile router

You can buy an unlocked mobile router. An unlocked mobile router means that it is not connected to a specific operator and you can therefore choose which provider you want. This gives you the opportunity to find the most affordable price or the amount of surf that best suits your needs. If you buy a locked mobile router instead, it is an carrier that delivers the router and you get the specific carrier as an internet provider. This can be very good if you buy your router when you buy your regular mobile SIM card. This way you can get a favorable package price and also avoid invoices from several different suppliers.

Use of mobile router

A mobile router is extremely easy to use. When the SIM card subscription is active, simply insert the SIM card into the router and connect to its network from the device you want. These mobiles are perfect for those who work a lot from different places.

Even for those who travel a lot, a mobile router is something that can come in handy. What is important to consider is that you should have a good price plan for surfing abroad. So you do not bring your router to China and surf as usual, thinking it will not cost extra.

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Mobile routers are becoming increasingly popular

It is becoming increasingly common for individuals to choose to buy a mobile router instead of a regular wall-mounted router. This is often due to the fact that the amount of suppliers who can supply wall-mounted internet to the home is few or that there is a need to bring internet on the trip or to the cottage. An alternative to a mobile router is a so-called dongle. But unlike a dongle that connects to one computer at a time, most mobile routers can support more people using the connection at the same time. Something that makes a mobile router valuable if a family wants to get the service.

Benefits of a mobile router

So what are the benefits of getting a mobile router? Flexibility is the great advantage of a mobile router, as it can be moved and taken on trips and holidays. The more we travel and the more we are connected, the more important it becomes to get a mobile router instead, or as a complement to the wall-mounted. In addition, mobile routers provide a good range of different providers. Many homes have one or two providers that can provide wall-mounted internet. With a mobile router you can instead choose from a plethora of different providers, carriers and subscriptions. Something that gives you more choice when it comes to different price ranges and surf amount.

Choosing a mobile router

You can find mobile routers in different price classes and from several different suppliers. They have different speed and capacity, but the power to connect depends on the subscription or data card that you use it with. A tip is to give how you’ll use it a second thought before purchase.

Chinese Huawei has become one of the more prominent developers, but relatively good quality as well as reasonable prices. Asus and T-link are examples of other common developers. If you buy your router with a subscription, the carriers often have a deal with the developers, leaving you with a range of comparisons online to puzzle you.

No matter what model you choose, the portable format makes the mobile router a good alternative for those who travel a lot and value good connection no matter location. The second thing to consider should be how many users the router will have to support, and how often it will be used as well as when.

What are the different choices?

Cost: Prices can vary from about SEK 300 to SEK 5000. It all depends on what you intend to use it for. Should you only use it to be able to access the internet on your laptop when you travel, it will suffice with a cheaper variant. For example, if you want your mobile router to deliver the internet to a smaller office or to many users at home, who all want to be able to watch Netflix in 4K, then a more expensive variant may be recommended.

Size: The devices that carry the internet come in different sizes. But the whole basic concept of these is that they should be easy to carry, so basically everyone is smaller in size. Some are so small that they can fit in your pocket.

Speeds: There are different speeds available. 3G, 4G and 4G +. 5G is slowly rolling out in the market and will soon be available to the public.

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