PBX solutions

PBX solutions

PBX solutions is having technique, personnel and routines that provides customer with a great and effective experience. Today there are more possibilities than ever before.

The transition to cloud-based IT systems mean that we can offer sophisticated PBX solutions that are fitted to your company and can easily be adjusted when needs or prerequisites change. The price for high quality PBX solutions are lower today, thanks to the development in IT.

PBX solutions is often the first contact a potential customer has with a company and aids in decreasing queue times as much as possible and that it’s a professional experience for the customer. The PBX can also be an important tool for internal communication in a company.

  • PBX services helps customer get in touch with the right person in the company.
  • With a PBX service in the cloud the capacity and functions increase.
  • Transition to mobile PBX if coworkers are abroad.
  • Adapted PBX services can often result in saving more time.
  • A cloud-based PBX is maintenance free and requires very little technique.
  • Let a unique PBX solution become a part of your company brand.
  • A modern PBX can change in pace with company changes.
  • The development within the field of PBX solutions.

A PBX can in short be defined as a unit that connects phones. In a company there are oftentimes various people that handle incoming phone errands and through a PBX you can make sure that the right person, or a person that has time, can take the call.

PBXs have looked similar for more than 100 years even if the management of it has been modernized. In the beginning PBXs were manual and managing them was labor intensive, and the development has strived to a much higher level of automization. PBXs today aren’t dependent of a place, all of the solutions can follow the coworkers.

A lot is happening in the field of telecommunication. You can say that the development within PBX services follow the development in telephony. More mobile phones and fixed copper networks are slowly diminishing. It requires new PBX solutions to take advantage of the opportunities that the cloud entails.

Benefits of a modern PBX solution

Our PBX solutions are carrier independent and allow you to change carrier without changing the PBX or the functions. In addition, we don’t have curing periods so that you don’t have to risk adding a fixed cost and then be stuck while not using it.

PBX solutions makes it possible to with small measures communicate what you want to emphasize about your company. Customize the appearance and choose a welcome message that you see fit, welcome message, IVR, queue system, response group and opening hours. Let the PBX become a part of the company identity. We will gladly help you achieve this.

A PBX solution isn’t static. We upgrade our service with new functions at the same pace of development in IT. PBX solutions nowadays provide mobility, change and effectiveness. Companies that sit with outdated systems have a lot to gain from choosing a modern cloud-based solution.

Want to know more about our PBX solution? Contact us and one of our experienced advisors will tell you more.