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A powerful office cloud PBX system that works just as well on any device you choose.
Call via your mobile app, your softphone or an IP phone sitting on your desk.

The Platform - cloud PBX

Dstny offers an industry-leading business PBX solution that is completely cloud-based. With many years of experience of working with business telephony in the cloud, we can offer a stable and secure solution to suit all types of companies, both small companies and enterprises.

Cloud PBX Solutions

The market's most advanced PBX solution in the cloud

With a business exchange in the cloud, you will get the scalability, that of a regular mobile business solution, while providing the stability that a fixed PBX solution offers. To put it simply, the best of both worlds. You avoid the cost and the administration of owning a fixed PBX. At Dstny, we make sure that all technology, software, connections, capacity, redundancy and security are top notch, at all times. In addition, our solutions are equally suitable for small and large companies. Let’s take your telephony to new heights.

Mobile PBX

Mobile PBX

With Dstny’s mobile app, you get your entire business PBX system, directly into your mobile phone. You can make and receive calls with your mobile phone, as usual, everything still goes through your company PBX. To manage PBX features, such as changing your referral or making calls, you can easily do so in Dstny’s mobile app. With the app, you get the mobility you need while always being available to your customers and partners while you’re on the go.



Do you work a lot on your computer? A Softphone is a software that allows you to call directly from your computer. The calls are sent over the internet and a Softphone has the same functions as a telephone. Many people prefer to use a Softphone because of its simple user interface and that they already use the computer for their other tasks. Answer, call, disconnect and much more, directly on your PC or Mac.



With IP PBX telephony, you get the classic hardware of a desk phone. The difference, however, is that an IP-phone is not connected via the telephone jack but is instead connected to the internet. The calls, therefore, go via the internet instead of the traditional telephone lines. IP-telephony can be used with any high-speed Internet connection (DSL, cable or other type), regardless of location or provider.

Landline telephony

Whether you work with a mobile phone, desk telephone or softphone in your computer, the need for landline telephony is still great in the corporate market, and it is possible to combine Dstny as a fixed network operator with mobile carriers, so you can mix internally within the company.

Industry Solutions

Together with different companies, both small companies and enterprises, Dstny have developed solutions that are adapted to different types of industries and their specific needs. Read about some of our customized industry solutions.

Why Dstny's Cloud PBX Solution?

Why Dstny's Cloud PBX Solution?

No one can be the best at everything, neither can we. Our cloud PBX solutions is our core business, unlike many of our competitors who only have this as additional service. This, together with maintaining a level of service that is superior to the industry, is our success and your safety.

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Frequently asked questions about Clooud PBX Systems

What does PBX mean?

So what does PBX mean? PBX is short for Private Branch Exchange and a PBX is an office phone system, within a company. With a PBX you can call both within the company and externally to customers and partners.

Traditional PBX systems handled telephony over the fixed landline, with the hardware of the PBX situated at the company’s premises. Copper telephony landlines connected to a PBX box.

IP PBX uses the internet to carry the calls, instead of analog landlines. IP PBX systems are often hosted, which means that the system is managed by a service provider. Then you will have your ZIP-trunk on the service providers premise.

Cloud PBX systems, often called virtual office phone systems, are completely cloud based. Companies that uses this type of technology do not need to invest in any hardware to carry the PBX. This is completely maintained by the provider. With cloud PBX you only need the headsets, computers and phones you wish to use to make the calls.

What is a hosted PBX?

A hosted PBX means that the technology carrying the phone system is hosted by a service provider. The service provider manages and maintains the technology, making the necessary upgrades of the PBX server. Owning you own PBX office phone system can entail costly updates and maintenance, but having a hosted system leaves you free from these tasks.

What is an IP PBX?

PBX is short for Private Branch Exchange and IP is short for Internet Protocol. An IP PBX is an internet based phone system that provides internal communication for a company and at the same time can connect telephone extensions to PSTN (Public Switched Network).

What is a VoIP PBX?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, which means VoIP for voice calls over the Internet instead of the traditional PSTN. The term IP telephony and VoIP telephony are often used in the same sentence, and it can be difficult to differentiate both. However, IP telephony works by taking traditional voice signals and converting them to a form that can be easily transmitted over a local network. VoIP on the other hand is only sent over the internet.

Want to read more about VoIP? Then you will find lots of interesting information here.

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