Together with companies active within retail, Dstny has created a solution, specifically tailored to this industry.


Service and availability

With high standards of accessibility and good service, companies that work with retail need a communication platform that works consistently everywhere; in physical stores, online stores, at headquarters and in warehouses. Together with companies active in this industry, Dstny has worked out a solution tailored specifically to retail.

After switching to Dstny we don’t just have full control over costs, but also a fantastically flexible system with the entire group’s telephony linked to the same switchboard. Dstny’s personal involvement during implementation ensured that the transition went very smoothly. Warm recommendations.
Fredrik Rubne - IT Manager

Quick and easy to handle

Running a successful retail company requires more than just amazing products. Today, great service is also required in order to compete on the market. Companies also need to take advantage of the benefits and be proactive when it comes to applying new technology solutions. This enables you to streamline customer management without tampering with the quality.

Streamline communication within retail

In physical stores, the pace is often very high and staff needs to focus on the customers located there. Therefore, it may be good to reduce the number of lines to physical stores, yet maintain service levels by channeling calls to administrative offices through a careful settup of the switch as well as clear IVR trees.

For online shops, it may be more important to give the customer a wide range of opportunities to contact your company. There are many technical solutions that can provide a simple contact for the customer. Regardless of what, retailers, both online and in physical stores, needs to provide fast service. They need an easy-to-use and intuitive system that works flawlessly over all channels.


Always available with Answering service

Do you run a store, both online and physical, you have high requirments of availability from your customers. Something that can cause problems during training days and similar. Additionally, you want to avoid having customer waiting too long for a response when they call, even if the work load is high.

Then an answering service can come in handy. This is a service that helps your business to answer calls when you cannot. Choose whether all calls or just some are to be rerouted. In addition, there are price plans where you only pay for the calls received by the answering service, which means that in the months you do not use the service, it costs nothing.

web callback

Make it easy for your customers with Web Callback

If you own any kind of online store it is very important to make it easy for your customers to contact you. Difficult contact routes make customers fatigued and, in the worst case, seek a competitor.

Our Web Callback service helps your customers easily connect with your company. Through a so-called widget on your website, the customer can easily leave their phone number and choose if they want to be called as soon as possible or at a later time. In the system, you then choose whether the call will be made manually where the agent is notified of the call or if everything is to happen automatically. This is a service that shortens the contact routes for your customers in a simple and easy way.

Many other add-ons

In addition to the above-mentioned services, we have the more useful add-on services tailored for retail companies’ telephone solutions. Want to know more about what we can do to streamline your customer service and customer management? Fill out the form below and be contacted by one of our knowledgeable advisors.

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