Mobile office

Mobile office

With mobile telephony and internet, the prerequisites for office work have changed. For office workers it can be a great relief to be able to choose your workplace, and with mobile offices it’s now possible. Having a mobile office can potentially boost employee productivity and save the company money.

There have been a lot of issues with mobile offices, regarding security and effective communication. Security has in the past years seen improvement. This is due to a better understanding about safe computer use. Another important aspect is the improvement in antivirus programs.

Internet has made communication much more simple; a prerequisite for mobile offices even being possible. It’s not only about cheap phone calls, but about increased capacity to share important material. This is in large part due to cloud services.

  • Mobile offices can save companies money
  • With modern offices you can increase productivity and employee’s wellbeing
  • It’s important for mobile offices to keep up to date with the latest technology
  • It’s also just as important to choose the right program for the company’s needs
  • Cloud services are very important for communication in a mobile company
  • Security is crucial for a mobile office
  • Choosing the right antivirus program is important to guarantee safety

To keep in mind

When you run a mobile company it’s important to choose the right software. It’s not as easy as choosing the “market’s best” since alternatives are often specialized for specific purposes. Luckily there is a big range of antivirus programs as well as cloud services for companies looking for the right solutions.

When choosing antivirus, they often vary in the operation systems you use. Some systems (mostly Windows) have built in antivirus programs. But for a company it’s often necessary with extra protection. It’s also important to gain knowledge of safe data management with employees.

Cloud services are effective ways for a workplace to share material, but here it’s also important to think about safety. The risks can decrease with the right protection and knowledge. For a modern mobile company, an effective cloud service is really important. The most well-known cloud services are iCloud (Apple) and Office 365 (Microsoft).

Big potential in mobile offices

The benefits with a mobile office are many. For the company the biggest asset is lower costs. It’s very expensive with offices; both rent and costs for materials can be staggering for many companies. These will with the transition to a mobile office either dwindle or disappear.

It’s also about the employees and prerequisites for their productivity. Office environment are often seen as closed and gloomy, which can have negative effects on productivity. If employees were to choose, their wellbeing as well as productivity may improve.

It’s therefore highly beneficial with mobile offices, even if certain problems still exist. But if the offices puts emphasis on keeping the company’s software in forefront, the negative effects will minimize or disappear completely. Many believe that we can expect a big transformation of office environments in the future.