Web Callback

Our service, Web Callback, helps existing and new customers to get in touch with your company in a convenient way through a callback.
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No phone queues for your customers

Our service, Web Callback, helps existing and new customers to get in touch with you in a convenient way. They do not have to wait in any phone queues as they can instead get a callback via a simple form on your website. The customer can choose whether the callback should be made immediately or at a specific time.


Be faster than your competitors

Traditionally, a customer needs to take several steps to call an organization. Simplicity is a crucial factor today when it comes to converting visitors of your website to actual customers. Lack of management of incoming leads causes many companies to lose potential customers already in the contact phase.

Many customers do not feel motivated enough to carry out the phone call themselves or simply choose to search for easier solutions with one of your competitors. Web Callback connects your website visitors to your business within seconds.

Connect directly with customers or at a scheduled time

The service calls the potential customer and someone within your organization and the same time. This service works perfectly for customers who want to reach your sales team and support. You can directly get in touch or at a predestined time of customers choice.

No e-mails, sms or other unneccesary extra steps.

Web Callback will:

Give potential customers motivation to call.
Increase the number of leads.
Create instant sales contacts.
Impress leads through your quick feedback.
Give better control over incoming calls.
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Your brand identity

Because Web Callback is on your website, it’s important that the service follows your brand identity. Choose color, text and image that fits your organization’s graphic profile.

"I filled in the form and was called back within 30 seconds."

With Web Callback, you get the opportunity to impress the customer with an almost instant callback.
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Increase the number of leads

As it becomes easier to get in touch with your organization, more website visitors will convert to leads.
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Instant sales contact

Web Callback takes care of everything so that your organization gets instant contact with the customer.
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Impress customers

The quick feedback from your organization will undoubtedly impress your existing and prospective customers.

Frequently asked questions about Web Callback

The customers will fill in their phone number on your website. The interface will call you and the customer at the specified time. When both have answered, the call is running.

If you have a well-configured corporate switchboard, the call will automatically be redirected to an available agent, thus ensuring that all calls are actually answered.

A web developer is required to edit the code on your website. One of the web developers will easily be able to enter the code in the right place. Here are also great possibilities to change color and shape according to your wishes. We at Dstny deliver clear instructions and can also support the installation via api@dstny.se.

Get in touch with us

Our competent sales representatives will be happy to contact you and help you with your specific needs, or you may call us at 010-410 51 30 to speak to an advisor directly.

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