Why LottoDstny?

Here you can read about our sponsorship of Lotto Dstny.

Why LottoDstny?

While searching for the perfect brand activation, Dstny found the ideal partner in the Belgian Lotto cycling team with a strong match in core values, geographic markets and audience.

As a fast-growing company, it is important for Dstny to create trust and build a strong brand. In addition, this makes it easier to attract new customers, partners, M&A prospects and talent. Dstny therefore chooses its partnerships very carefully. Just like the Lotto cycling team, we believe in giving talent every opportunity, in the importance of a strong partner network and in diversity and team spirit. We also share the ambition to play internationally from our Belgian roots.

Who are Lotto Dstny?

The Lotto Dstny is a Belgian professional cycling team at UCI WorldTeam level. The first Lotto team, managed by Walter Godefroot and his deputy Patrick Lefevere, saw the light of day in 1985. Lotto has been a main sponsor of a professional cycling team since 1985, and now, 2022 we at Dstny aslo step in as a top sponsor. More than a thousand professional road races have been won since the team was founded, including 78 stages in Tour, Giro and Vuelta. The team earns respect because of its fighting spirit, its sympathetic image and its sense of responsibility. Year after year, new young male and female riders get opportunities within the different teams.