Video Conferencing

What does video conferencing mean? – Dstny explains!

Video conference is a environmentally friendly alternative for meetings. Today’s technique supports long-distance meetings with a simple video link. The participants are able to see and talk to each other no matter where they are located.

Video conference is an environment friendly and smart way to conduct meetings. Today there is great technology that allow meetings to be conducted over distanced through video link. It provides participants with the ability to see each other and talk to each other no matter where they are.

In many workplaces in Sweden it’s common with a lot of meetings. Many companies have offices in several locations or maybe there are different companies involved which results in a lot of traveling. To avoid traveling so much you can instead choose to have video meetings to save time.

To travel between two different municipalities means a lot of travel time. Even if you work on the road a lot of time could still be wasted. When you use video call you can avoid the travel time since you can connect when internet is available.

  • With video meetings you can avoid unnecessary travel time
  • It’s environmentally friendly since no trips are required
  • No matter location you can always attend
  • The only thing you need is internet access and some kind of camera
  • The technique is easy to use
  • With video meetings you can still see the other participants
  • You can have short and long meetings

Video meetings are today’s technique

To use video meetings is making use of the technique that’s available today. It’s easy to connect and there are several different programs and ways. Some use famous programs that are free on the market and some have more advanced technique that requires a code.

If you’ve never used the technique yourself it may seem a little odd and different than physically meeting the other participants. It takes a little time to get use to it but after a few times most see it as a fully functioning alternative.

Today many work from home or at another location. In those cases it’s very practical to not be limited to your office, you can just connect digitally and be available for the monday meeting.

Call to meet in short notice

Today it’s important to have short notice meetings, but maybe all included aren’t able to attend. For those occasions it’s a great alternative to use a video meeting. You can avoid informing anything twice and all important information will reach all intended.

With today’s environment approach and focus it’s completely compliant by not having to travel back and forth to discuss important things. You save time and environment by thinking in a modern and new way. A car ride less is still a car ride less for the environment!

To have a video meeting requires a camera with sound, microphone and internet connection. Many laptops today have built-in cameras that work completely fine for these situations, both in regard to sound and image. Internet connection is accessible almost anywhere in society.

Our solution

At Dstny we offer different solutions in Teams. These will help you to hold and attend meetings via video with colleagues and customers. Apart from voice and video functions, there are also smart solutions so that you can have as interactive and creative meetings as possible.

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