About Freshdesk

About Freshdesk

Freshdesk was founded in 2013 and has grown rapidly since then. They focus on having a software that is user-ready, easy to use and which requires minimal adaptation while the service should be affordable. Today, Freshdesk has over 150,000 companies as their customers.

Integration provides a holistic view

We at Dstny can integrate our services with the CRM system Freshdesk and thus streamline your work and your productivity. As you, with the integration, see important information about the customer even before the contact is established, you can, for example, ensure that an agent with the right skills receives the call.

Give your customers a better service

Don’t let your customers feel like they are unimportant to you company. By integrating Freshdesk with our PBX services, your agents will be able to see important information about the customer even before the call is answered. In addition, you can enter the customer’s contact card in Freshdesk through a simple press of a button. In this way you can get a complete picture of the customer during the phone conversation and get their entire history with your company. You can then respond to the customer in a more personal and efficient manner.

How does integration work?

This integration gives tickets in Freshdesk a new functionality as more employees at the company can take part of support cases and its status. This not only gives you insights about the customer but also a unique opportunity to impress them.

Because your employees receive important information about the customer, you can give both faster and more professional handling, while you can more easily understand the customer’s needs and solve their problems. And when customers does not need to explain their history, they will feel like a priority customer, which in turn strengthens the relationship with your particular company. You can view the customer’s latest tickets or colleagues’ latest issues.

We at Dstny have integrated the following services with Freshdesk

Who’s Calling
Virtual Phone Q