About Freshsales

About Freshsales

Freshsales is a CRM system that gives customers an overview of their business through e-mail logs, phone calls and meetings. Freshsales can provide in-depth sales analyzes via reports and provides support so that the customer does not miss important follow-ups with the end customer.

Get an overall view of your customers

The right CRM system can help you get a good overview of your customers. If you integrate your telephony services with your CRM system, a 360-degree view is created so that will not lose any important information.

This is how the integration works

Through APIs, Dstny’s telephony services can converse with Freshsales. Freshsales API belongs to the category Representative State Transfer (REST). They allow you to perform operations such as reading data from your Dstny service. Information available in your Freshsales account can be identified with its own unique identifier or “URI”. This means that information from your account can be downloaded from our services trough the API.

The following Dstnys services are integrated with Freshsales

Who’s Calling
Virtual Phone Q