About Upsales

About Upsales

Upsales was founded in Sweden in 2003 by Daniel Wikberg. Upsales is a popular CRM tool with many smart features. In addition to the sales team being able to handle their business in the system, you can also build full-scale marketing automation systems and then measure all this in their analysis tools.

Integrate with Upsales

Get more out of your services by integrating them with Upsales. Because the integration allows our services to make searches in Upsales, you get a better understanding of how your customers contact your organization. Your agents and sales team receive important information about the customer, even before the contact is established.

Easy to get started

It is easy to get started with the integration between Upsales and Dstny’s services. All information that Upsales needs to establish the integration is provided by our support technicians. No technical knowledge is required from you. All that is required is your Upsales ID and a token that Upsales support can help you with.

We can use Upsales as a data source for incoming calls or you can search for your PBX contacts in Upsales.

How does Dstny integrate with Upsales?

The services that integrate with Upsales retrieve the information available about the customers via an API. The fields that the services collect via the API from Upsales must have a relationship with the contact you get matched with. So when the service receives a match on a contact, the API can retrieve values from the organization to which it belongs, the person’s contact field and his or her contacts in the organization. One can also see things like the value of their latest orders and such. You can open the contact directly in Upsales from our services if you prefer to work there.

Today, the following products are integrated with Upsales

Who’s Calling
Virtual Phone Q
Web Callback