About Zendesk

About Zendesk

Zendesk is a platform for customer service. All customer interactions over the phone, e-mail and chat can be managed in the same place for efficient customer management.

Get the right information about your customers

By integrating Zendesk with our add on services, you ensure that your support technicians and agents receive important information about your customers and their support history. Your sales team also has a lot to gain from knowing your customers’ contact patterns with the support. Something that can promote both sales and customer satisfaction. Integration with Zendesk allows anyone who has contact with the customer to know about specific problems and status in different cases.

How does integration with Zendesk help?

This integration gives tickets in Zendesk a new functionality as more people at the company get access to support cases and their status. It not only gives you insights about the customer but also a unique opportunity to impress. Because your employees receive important information about the customer, you can give both of them faster and more professional handling, while you can more easily understand the customer’s needs and solve their problems.

And when the customers does not need to explain their history, they will feel like a priority customer, which in turn strengthens the relationship with your company. You can view the customer’s latest tickets, or the customer’s colleagues latest tickets.

Easy to get started

No technical knowledge is required to get started with integration with Zendesk. Our engineers will provide all the information needed to get started. It is easy to extract the API key needed to get started with the service.

How to integrate Dstny with Zendesk?

When Dstny’s services have been integrated with Zendesk, information will be downloaded via the API. You can download custom fields from Zendesk if there is something special or some special fields you want to show about the caller.

Dstny has integrated the following services with Zendesk

Who’s Calling
Virtual Phone Q
Web Callback