About Hubspot

About Hubspot

Hubspot wants to help their customers close more deals with less effort. They automate the tasks that your sales department would like to avoid in a program that should be easy for the user to use. The company has about 48,000 customers in over 100 countries.

Insight into customers can help your business

Why should you integrate your exchange services with your CRM system? The answer does not require rocket science directly. Both Dstny’s PBX services and HubSpot are tools for managing and streamlining channels for incoming sales. Then it goes without saying that if you let these services cooperate, you get more out of them.

Personal service is better service

With the integration, you as a user can get valuable information about your customers even before you answered the call. By knowing things like the customer’s name and which company they work on, you can directly ensure that the right agent receives the customer. And with a simple push of a button you can go directly from our services into HubSpot and thereby see the entire customer’s contact card. When the customer does not need to explain their entire history with your company for your staff, he or she will feel perceived and prioritized. In addition, you will be able to streamline the entire process and save important time for your staff.

So how does integration work?

The customer specifies which fields they want to download from HubSpot to their Dstny services. Which fields they want us to search for in HubSpot when they match the customer’s number. The information is then retrieved and displayed in the services we can integrate.

At Dstny we have integrated the following services with HubSpot

Who’s Calling
Virtual Phone Q
Web Callback